Monday, 18 March 2013

[ACW] Ward's Brigade WIP

Here are some work in progress pics to prove I haven't been slacking off completely.
I stuffed by back and sitting up wasn't working for me! Been resting, saw a physio, getting better.

My gun crew

Different color blanket rolls

Moustaches, check.

Grey undercoat vs blue. Blue?

Firing manual of arms, mostly there.;-)

There is actually progress between these shots as well as since.;-)
I need another 20 - 25 minis not including, BG Ward, some casualty/disrupted markers etc.
I may just go for another box of Perry plastics but if anyone has a line on some extras or suitable smaller blisters give me a heads up


  1. Hi Adam - they've come up cool.

    Sorry to hear about your back, a sucky injury to get.

  2. Thank's Jamie, I'll have some finished pics up pretty soon. Need to cut some bases.
    Pooch sent me some Perry's to finish my brigade!
    Yeah it takes forever to heal, you really take it for granted until you can't use it properly.