Sunday, 3 February 2013

[FoF] Near future MARSOC vs Red Team

Predator loitering pre-raid 

Had a quick and dirty skirmish with Martin two weeks ago. Been busy with lots of side projects keeping me from my blog work;-)
We decided on a mixed jungle set up using a bunch of Andy's new palm trees as well as my new jungle bunkers (unfinished at this point).
Martin was defending with three mobs of d6 / d8 with body armor and had two mobs of d8 / d10 in improved armor in reserve.
My veteran light infantry was three teams of four with d10 / d10 with 1d body armor. I also had a drone with Hellfires, a Javelin team and a Scout Sniper team.
I had three objectives to grab and he had 6 hot spots for his reinforcements to arrive at.

Sniper team in forground, support team in background

I began working up on the left in cover before lighting up the team in the far left bunker. Even with body armor and a 2d bunker we immediately began seeing horror of the die type disparity. You can't save a 7 or 8 on a d6 even if you have a ton of em.
After a turn of shooting it up a second team assaulted it and captured the sole survivor after finishing off his mates.

My 'go to' team getting it done.

The drone hellfired the second bunker but there was little effect, so we put a javelin into it for good measure.
About now the reinforcements started showing up and they popped right on my support team! These were the 
scary red team guys with 2d body armor and d8 / d10.

Assaulters with a casualty

Not only were my bigger dice helping but I was rolling very good as well. Twice at least I saved a casualty by rolling a 6 on the first aid table.
We pinned the new arrivals and caused a couple casualties.

I am the god of Hellfire

My 'go to' team handed off their EPW to the command team which had rolled up with their quad bike and then moved into position to assault the damaged bunker. 

They shrugged off the supporting fires from the enemy reds on the way in and stormed in after the occupants. Again reducing the entire team to a single captured troopie.
Another team of tough red teamers appears in close proximity to my support team.

Joe, do you hear something?
My sniper team opened fire causing the team leader to become a casualty.

AT-43 minis still deliver the goods!
My assault team is finally in position to attack the last of the tough red teamers as they move to better cover in their comrades' bunker.
Not fast enough! They get jumped and pay the price!

The upshot of this game is that massively disparate forces need to be represented with more of the lower value force. I thought that defense plus the bunkers plus the armor would be pretty equalizing but was shown that Martin could have used a few more men.


  1. Bringing a Predator seems a little rough!

    Those USMC are looking really good- loving the muted camo and nice simple desert/urbanesque bases.

  2. Thanks Chris.
    Bringing a Predator is fashionable btw. Ask anyone;-)

    This post formatted itself strangely and it wouldn't change all the way back. Hmmn.