Sunday, 27 January 2013

[Bolt Action] Getting on board with 'Armies of the United States'

With the old breed
This photo just popped up on my friends blog at Forgotten Weapons, strangely appropriate I think. I'm super stoked on this and may have to model it, guard your Type 92's gentlemen. I pre-ordered the US Army lists book so that I can 'play well with others' and it actually looks pretty cool. I've really liked the mini's from Warlord and my friends are keen so I'm down for it. As Jamie pointed out, I also get a Chesty Puller mini.
Totally frickin cool, a real mythological figure for me. I'm not even worthy to paint it!
I will give it a go though.

Good night Chesty, wherever you are.
Now that I have the book of lists I know that I can field a 600 point army at this point. I haven't counted my flamethrower or some of my HQ additions, so I could be over 700 really fast actually.

USMC Reinforced Infantry Platoon
Veteran 1st Lieutenant, with RTO and platoon Sgt 116
Veteran Corpsman and stretcher bearer 43
2x Veteran Infantry Squads (BAR, Shotgun and SMG each) 92 each
Veteran M1919a4 MMG Team 65
Veteran Scout Sniper Team with SMG 69
Veteran Flamethrower Team 65
Veteran M2 60mm Mortar Team 52
Regular LVT-2 98
is 692 without AT grenades.
Chesty is a Veteran Colonel so 165 points alone! (How many points is three Navy Crosses by 1943?)
Maybe I should squeeze in a tank! How about a 'Satan' M3 for 135?

As far as the "Armies of the United States"" go they look pretty good with extra MMG's as a standard feature of the US Infantry. Marines get extra BAR's and pistols. Actually pretty stoked that they even included the LVT's at all, but they have most of the versions accounted for.
Missing were rifle grenades, bummer, they're handy.
Osprey illos are always top notch and reasonably correct as well.;-)
The anecdotal info is good stuff and not just old hat. Plus there is info on tons of old stuff you'll recognise from FoW and suddenly need to model in 28mm!

Anyway, had a quick look at the rules and we've got a few players ready to go or warming up, expect more soon.


  1. Nice!

    Love how your Scout Sniper spotter gets an SMG. Awesome.

    Keen as to throw down soon...just have a few more models to get some paint on em.


  2. And shotguns, he gets shotguns. 18" assault weapons.

    'Satan' is a flamethrowing M3 Stuart?

  3. I've got a couple more models to paint as well Jas. (I have your WotR book btw) I'm also keen though!
    Yes the shotguns, they sound good, probably better than they should be. (Wait, who's a firearms pedant? OK, I'll shut up now.)
    Yep, an excuse for a flamethrowing Stuart. Guilty, though I may get a Scott instead.;-)