Wednesday, 6 February 2013

[FoW] Fanning the Flames

Been trying to get some FoW time so I can get used to the rules again after the last few months of playing mostly;

  • EPIC Modern, which we have morphed into 'Conflict '89'
  • Force on Force
  • SAGA
  • an Impetvs game (want more)

So time to get back into WW2 15mm dude! We've got Tank Aces as well as Day of Days coming up.
Really looking forward to Day of Days, despite missing Beer-Fest for it.

Tank Aces!
Not sure what I'm doing with Tank Aces, I've got no 76mm Shermans. Might go with the M10's just to be weird and cool! Tank? Tank Destroya!

Had a go in the snow versus Dave's nasty nasty 12th Volksgrenadiers.
LW 1750 pts Snow and Black Ice
Some thoughts
Veterans with assault rifles are dangerous indeed!
Tried out the snow rules too. Let me say, as a cavalryman, fuck the snow.
I was using my 'Damned Engineers' list with newly knocked together 57mm AT guns and M10's with newly mounted MG's as well as some camo netting and crew. (I've been secretly preparing an armored list and wanted to run that, but the damned snow!)

My full list is;
"The Damned Engineers"
Command with 2x 57mm AT guns and 2x bazooka teams
Full Cbt Platoons x2 with 4x Bazooka each, one with Pioneer Supply Truck
Improvised Recon Plt x5 with .50 cal
Full M10 TD Platoon
105 Battery
P47's with rockets and CAS(!)

Dave's is something like;
VG platoon with Assault Rifles Panzerfaust teams x2
Panzerschrek teams
3x Panthers
3x Stugs
short 7.5cm battery

Drawing Fire

On line for the assault

Dug in around my right objective.

Dug in, well in front of the left objective.

The VG's jump out of the woods and attack the Engineers with assault rifles

Panthers in Ambush!
We destroy three Panthers and three of his guns as well as a chunk of his VG platoon. In exchange we lose both combat platoons! But the TD's are near the objective when time is up. Typical for Dave and I.
Fun game, frustrating game. Learning is good.

Time to practice with Cossacks and snow and other cool stuff.
Liberate Stalingrad!
Expel the fascists!

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