Friday, 11 January 2013

[Force on Force] Training and WIP's

So in between real life of hunting, home DIY, working, holidays, etc., I have managed to do a bit of modelling and gaming.
With Poochie gone to Welly I was finding myself alone holding a torch that said Force on Force on it...
So last night we had a good educational couple games of FoF with Simon's, ashamedly unpainted soon to be on his workbench, Chindits.
Background was wargames in the NT ca. 1943 or somesuch. We had a good time rolling dice at the Cavs while we chatted and caught up with other gamers, as we tried to smash more rules into our heads.

Running for the tea and biscuits with tins of peanut butter...

Force on Force has a bit of a death spiral effect, in that once you taken casualties, you had better get them reinforced or pulled back. Otherwise they will continue to take casualties. Realistic, I also like the morale rules, but for me the biggest plus is the break from the "i go you go" format that makes skirmish games very gamey when a modern firefight should be chaotic and fluid.
You will want to print out the quick reference sheets.

Some heavy hitting jarheads; Javelin and a Scout/Sniper team with a Mk11

I'll do a full post on these guys soon, actually found some decals for the CH46 Frog finally. Turns out the decal maker is a Marine!? Pretty cool actually, I thought they looked really good.

I've got two more FoF games booked over the next week, should be sweet. Also got word that my Bolt Action, US Army lists from WW2 book was on the way along with Chesty Puller and another grunt to give me two full squads.

Also I promise to start on my ACW boys immediately Nick, er General Sickles.
Huzzah! (uh, I mean Urah!)

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