Sunday, 30 December 2012

[Force on Force] Modern camouflage palette

Had a great, first game in ages for me and first ever for Andy, game of Force on Force. We had been keen on some modern 28mm action for some time and I finally had made some headway on my painting table.
Most of his minis were Chechens or other Soviet trained and or armed irregulars. He also brought his awesome south asian buildings which I'm calling the Alamo in the picture below.
I had my modern force of western equipped light infantry, representing Marines in this case, (go figure).
We are trying out the Fallujah scenario from the main book using about half the forces and a bit bigger map.

My assault element with a couple of casualties on the Alamo
 Much shooting and rolling later Andy has a narrow victory in his hands! I hadn't gotten to the objective in time, but I didn't have any fatalities either. Yeah me! It was too dark for pictures though his minis looked great as usual. My bad. It would have been cool to show some of his Soviet schemes as well.

Crye Multicam trousers and an Ex-Oficio shirt
 For my 'Other Government Agency' personnel I have a couple in multicam. Here is the palette I worked out after much photo staring as well comparing with actual samples I have.

All of these paint colours are Vallejo.
Base colour is my German Desert Armour Brown
Small Yellow Green blotches combined with Russian Uniform blotches
Khaki blotches
Black fine pen.
Beige drybrush
Desert MARPAT trousers and Woodland MARPAT blouse
For the Marines I have a mix of Desert and Woodland MARPAT. Not usually on the same figure though. Not in my Corps!
Woodland MARPAT
Again German Desert Armour Brown basecoat
US Dark Green spots close together
Black fine pen
Khaki drybrush

Desert Armour Brown basecoat
Beige heavy drybrush
Green Brown spots
Beige light drybrush
No black spots!

T shirts for modern era USMC, Russian Uniform (!)

More photos and more Force on Force later!

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