Sunday, 13 January 2013

[Force on Force] A Summer Raid in the Caspian

Getting a couple of cylinders going here finally with several games over a couple weeks and a couple of usable armies as well as terrain! What fun!
We decided to use a bunch of the terrain that Andy had made for two different games. The jungle from our upcoming WW2 Pacific campaign and the really cool south Asian buildings. We decided that it would be a raid scenario and I was going to attack his base, which we decided was some kind of growing operation.;-)
All of the forestey jungle stuff was light woods so concealment to optimum range and that's it.
Andy used all d8 Troop Quality and d10 Morale, except for his leaders bodyguards which were be d12 Morale.
Andy's horde of Chechen fighters looked fearsome and great!
My troopies were all d8/d10 as well except for one team of d10 TQ recon boys. As the defender, Andy deployed all his units as hidden, whereas I had only one team hidden, with the rest entering from a board edge.

A SF Recon team was lurking nearby waiting for backup...
 My guys weren't sure which unit was in which building, we just knew they were all occupied by big, hairy, armed men. We had orders not to knock, simply to "kill or capture". In light of this, and the fact that they were all heavily armed, we came in very hard indeed.
Marines in the stack ready to go.
 First shots were fired by the entry team, which thought better of actually trying to assault into the building. After making a TQ check to sneak up to the house they opened up with their M4's. Despite all troops on the hill giving it their all, my guys still couldn't force entry into the first building.

This fireteam dominated the area from a hilltop.
When the Javelin team fired into the second building it did a lot of damage but didn't impress the guerillas inside. (-1d building structure.) It did provoke reaction fire from across the table where another fireteam was lurking with RPG and PKM's. When they opened up it produced a casualty in the FAC/Javelin team! When they reacted and rolled up another Javelin they unleashed it, finally getting three more casualties.

Snipers and a Comms technician from an OGA
The sniper team was a bit too far away and had to make do with pot shots and not much else. All of the guerilla got 1d for concealent and 1d for hard cover.

Predator on station denying the drug dealers hidden out of contact movement.
 The Predator just hung out looking pretty. The CH-46 Frog sulked lacking decals or a decent paint job.

FAC and a Javelin team, did I mention this was a kill or capture mission.
 The FAC ended up being killed by reaction fire from across the board. Bad luck indeed.

Finally the recon team decides it's time to move.
Now that half of the building had become casualties and most of the other shooters had expended their reactions, the recon team made their move. On their way in they were hit for a single casualty but the assault continued. In fact, it continued for three rounds! But in the end, two were killed and the Commander plus another were captured.

The butchers bill, 4 casualties in the near part and 4 more in the far part, as well as a casualty from the recon team.

The target and two of his bodyguards d12 morale!

We got our man but the organization still exists.
So it was all over in one long turn of back and forth shooting and a bit of manoeuvring. I kinda lucked out by picking the right building to go into first and placing my good unit right there.
Next time we'll try a 4'x4' table and maybe some more vehicles.
Super fun game and it looked great too, thanks Andy!

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