Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Some 6mm Red Legs finally!

I've been an advocate of off board artillery in our modern rules since we started. For a few reasons but primarily it's been because of the much longer ranges in modern warfare and secondarily from a FoW reaction to it's bizarrely close artillery support. (yes I play it a lot and know that they use a 'telescoping' range band, cheers)
However, another reason has been MY lack of appropriate models!

Hmmn, 'The Soviet Army', pp 4-31
This shows what I needed, it will be the same for my Guards Motorized Rifles or my Naval Infantry Brigade. I should have shown the next page...

I wanted to make it interchangeable between different models for my different units, so magnets!
Thanks for the idea Craig!

Some 122mm 2S1's for either my Motor Rifles or NI
 Be sure to  make the polarity facing the same way. Easy to mess up.

Need to weather the 2S1's still

2S9's and USMC LAV Mortars in the queue


  1. Mini-diorama for off-table artillery units, nice idea! I'll be copying this for my D-30's.

  2. Thanks Than! D-30's are the business.

  3. I think this could be the way to go with off board units- now to see if I can be bothered making some for my various forces...

    I think I can!