Monday, 3 December 2012

Helos not choppers kids.*

My burgeoning Soviet Air Force is coming along nicely. Just need to get my rolling consistent now.;-)
The Mi-24D has been seen before but I just got the Naval markings in place finally. It is a very attractive model from GHQ and features very nice rotors cut from brass, a very symmetrical casting as well great detail.
A Krokodil and a Hippo hanging at the refinery

In contrast I have a Heroics and Ros Mi-8. Not as pretty or symmetrical with pewter rotors and recognizable features. But not great detail.

A whole lotta 57mm rockets
I also went with a different camo scheme for the Hip using a more common two color rather than the really cool amoeba pattern on the Hind. Both in Naval markings in case there is a  pop inspection of the flightline.
I'm happy with both as the H&R is a lot cheaper, but you can see where the money goes in this case!

*In USMC vernacular that is.

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  1. Looking super cool! Even though the Hip is H&R, it has scrubbed up quite well actually.

    One of the big things for me is the rotors- I hate the H&R ones with a passion!