Sunday, 16 December 2012

[Impetvs] Bulgarian, it's what's for dinner.

Again facing the Evil Empire(tm) of Jamie's Romans (Byzantines). It had been ages since I've managed a game with Jamie so I was pretty stoked to hang out and throw down with Impetvs. I had more men painted up so we could run a 400 point match up of two commands each. 
I had 5 Medium Cav of Bulgar Nobles, 5 Light Cav (with Comp B) of Bulgars and their Pecheneg allies, 2 Bulgar Skirmishers (with Short B ) and 3 Slavic Light Infantry (with Javelins). Average command and 2 Poor Generals.
Jamie had 3 Heavy Cav Sarmatians (Impetuous), 4 Heavy Infantry (with Pilum), 1 Medium Cav, 1 Light Cav, 2 Skirmishers (with slings), 2 Skirmishers (with javelins), a Ballista type thingy. (Close to this eh Jamie?)

Slavic light infantry guarding the baggage train

Pecheneg light cavalry ready to break out into the open
Above we see a classic rookie move by me. I could have just passed through the units in front of them but instead constrained my movements voluntarily!

Bulgars on the right
Again, these guys didn't need any help. Just hang out move forward draw fire and that's it. But no, I couldn't stick to my plan.

Byzantine General hovering close to camp, later we would drink from his skull

Sarmatians hiding behind a shrubbery

Sarmatians in the open, making me worry...

First activation, four disrupted cavalry stands from double moving

This Sarmatian charges my skirmishers and smashes one to pieces

Those disrupted Bulgar Nobles are about to get charged

On my far left, some cheeky Byzantine Medium Cavalry is making a run for the baggage

Slavic light infantry lurking in a wood

Bulgar Nobles smash into the Sarmatians on the right.

Another group of Bulgar Medium Cavalry getting attacked
Above that's VBU 2 left as well as being disrupted, it had just fought off the Sarmatians in front of it. It held on for a bit longer.
Shortly after this I lost another CM so my right hand command broke, breaking my army.
Very fun game, it was only frustrating because I was relearning mistakes that have already made! It was a while ago, but there you are. It wasn't the dice, just those couple mistakes.
Huzzah Jamie!


  1. Great report Adam - I am still typing mine up. Thanks for the game, it was close and aI had to think hard about my moves. A game of two commands really. I am just glad that Quintus (on my left) made up for Maximus. It surprised me how mean those slav foot are. They are going to bear watching. Can`t wait for a rematch.

  2. A bit brief but you were there.
    It was a good game, your gambit worked but it was a near thing.
    I was quite close on the left!
    There will be another game for sure, perhaps with more of those slovenly footmen...

  3. I got it done:

    Btw - what date range are your guys for?