Friday, 21 December 2012

[SAGA] It takes a village.

(To sack a village.)
Poochie and I decided to up our model size in order to fit in at Cavaliers this Thursday. Sadly he is moving up to the windy city so I need to fit in a bunch of quality games to discuss at length while he's in the north.
We wanted to try a new mission and used the Village rules. Basically you each bid on how many points of henchmen you need to successfully defend the village. We both bid four, so we rolled to see who got to try it.
I took my usual Harald Hardrada clone of Rurik, 3 units of Varangian hearthguard, one of Rus warriors and one of Slav levee. (Vikings)
Pooch had a warlord of the generic singing Celt variety(8P), 3 warriors and one levee as well. Super cool models including women and children and Irish wolfhounds! (Welsh)

At the start line my Slavic levees lurk
 Why were we at this particular village? No one can say, but I'm sure it may have had something to do with the water.

Rurik and his brazen followers demand water.
 Water you ask? Yes indeed, fresh water that was said to impart everlasting youth and perfect pitch!

Some of Rurik's seasoned Varangian fellow travellers glowering with thirst
 Some of Rurik's grognards knew better and were there for the carefully worked silver jewelry and the women.

Irish warriors defending their village
 There were no illusions on this side about why they were here. Clearly it was for the wagon that they had stolen last night in a drunken stupor!

The women and children of Eire ready to defend to the death
 "Look! Vikings! Let's kill em and take their stuff," cries Siobhan.

More Irish warriors
 The grog has just run out and the warlords men congregate outside the keep. "What's that?"

The wolfhounds at the gates
 The snarling dogs show a fondness for fresh meats, the fresher the better. Whimper snarl! Ralf! Grrr...

Very tough Irish warlord,"No water for you Rus scum!"
 Rurik never takes this type of behaviour sitting down. "Someone's feelings are about to get hurt," he mutters.

Right then guys, form a line, echelon left...
 We move forward rapidly, with the warrior unit screaming for Valhalla right at the warlords men. The crash of sword and pike is audible over the blood curdling screams for glory!

Just before all of the warriors around the Irish warlord died
 This field will sprout heavily next summer...

And right after the Varangians finished him off
 The veterans roll in and pummel the ville's hero to death laughing. Another hero dies in vain, some think.

The last unit of Irish ready to fight to the last man. The Varangians see their profit margins declining rapidly.
 Then they too are assaulted by the Irish warriors, only one survives. He charges straight back in needing to avenge the insult of being spat upon. Never again!

A single warrior left! Shall I even waste my time?
Ruriks decides to pop on in and save having to give a bonus to his levees. Before he can however he gets jumped by the single 4 die buffed warrior!
 Oh jeez! Three hits and one failed save later...

The new Irish warlord has some unit building to do, better raise the taxes!
Super fun game Chris! I really thought I had you!
The insolent Irish have their own blog now!


  1. By all rights you really did have me. My dice decided to cover for all my tactical failings in the last 2 turns or so- that super charged javelin shot was a succession of 6's on dice that by all rights, I should not have gotten!

  2. Much of an imbalance between the two forces? I don't know anything about "SAGA" but I have to imagine that the shirtless/barefoot dudes with spouses and children might have a tough time matching up against maille-hauberked, thirsty thugs.

    Maybe I'm not giving enough credit to Irish determination.

  3. Yeah that's what I was thinking Keane!
    The women and children are levee's one of four main unit types.
    Warlords, hearthguard, warriors and then levees.
    Those women children did get a hearthguard or two in the single round that we massacred them.;-)