Friday, 2 November 2012

[X Wing] With a name like Wedge Antilles

he had better be a great fighter pilot.
Folks, he is great, and so is the game X-Wing he makes his latest appearance in.
Basically a re-tooling of Wings of War, I played this for the first time last night and it rocks as hard as Motorhead.

X wing showing off it's stat card

The basic set comes with three models, two TIE fighters and an X wing, as well as a pile of stat cards for different pilots. Additionally it has special dice for attack and defense, range and turn markers and more nicely put together kit.

Tie vs X wing 
 Pooch showed me a few things and we were straight into our first game in 15 minutes. Very suitable for beer and pretzels gaming.

Typical furball
 Each player declares moves on a cool dial system that's different for each model, and places them upside down on the table near their model.
They gets flipped and move in reverse initiative order. You can immelman, turn, swerve, barrel roll, or sprint for your life.
Then the shooting starts, shoot, dodge, absorb with shields, get damaged, or criticaled, then blow up!

Awesomely hairy furball!
Much value in this box set.
The models look great, it's fast to learn and it's got X wings!
Slave I, as well as, the Millenium Falcon is on the way as well.


  1. Looks fun, I'm trying to resist...

  2. I'm not. X-Wings are too awesome to resist :-)

    What size are the models Adam? I have a bunch of models from WotC's SW collectable range (including various fighters, Slave I and the MF), and I'm thinking with some rebasing they would serve quite well. The fighters are approx 1" long, the Slave I and MF about 3".

  3. Use the force Scott!;-)

    Than,I remember those models and they are a bit smaller than these. These X-Wings are nearly 5cm?
    So visually it may look a bit weird, but play is stand to stand.