Monday, 5 November 2012

[EPIC Modern] The customer is always right. (!?)

In this case the Soviet's customer was an unnamed client state in the near Middle East that had been pantsed by the Israeli's and needed a 'little assistance' since he was deep in over his head.
As we all know, the customer is always right and in an effort to keep this customer the Soviets sent in their closest units. The 810th Separate Naval Infantry Brigade and the 23rd Guards Motorized Rifle Regiment.

Pooch was borrowing Andy's Iraqis and playing them as Soviets with a couple companies of T55's a company of Motorized Infantry in BMP1's and a T72 tank company as well as his recon BMP platoon.
Jason had his IDF mob with a huge Golani company including the Achzarit, as well as Merkavas and a ton of grunts, supporting them was a pair of Cobras and a pair F16's as well as a company of paras and a Magach company.
Andy had his new gang of Magach, three companies as well as Cobras and TOW Zeldas and recon Zeldas.
I had my usual bag of Soviet Naval Infantry, including a T72 company with ZSU, a NI Assault Co. in BTR80's, a recon platoon in BMP2's, ATGM platoon in BRDM's, 2S1 battery and an SU24 flight. The SU24's were stated as SU25's for an extra 50 points.

Jason's gorgeous IAF F-16's and Cobras
 We had gone light in the air department just bringing the one pair of SU24's. The IDF however hadn't.

Israeli Magachs and their Chapparal AAM protection
 That looks like a main effort to me, pretty much opposite ours. Hmmn.

Andy's gorgeous new Magachs on our left
 Covering our left these guys had a big open area covered with wadis to deal with, it would become their killing ground working in tandem with another Magach company. They would rain fire on a total of three companies.

Soviet doctrinal use of T55's and smoke screen in the center
Despite some scepticism this actually worked a bit as they faced down the  two companies of Magach mentioned above. Obviously a bit two edged sword as they blocked the BMP saggers as well.

Israeli recon Zeldas lurking in a wood, our extreme left

23rd MRR BMP1's ready to follow up the T55's in the center

More 23rd MRR T55's, center right

810th NIB and 23rd MRR tracked recon platoons, both holding the mosque

Naval Infantry moving through town, extreme right

Israeli reserve paras holding the center right objective

122mm bombardment goes first
We win initiative and open up on the tank parking lot, first with our 2S1 battery which shuts down the Chapparals and BM's a couple Magach. A lot of good saves were made in what became a trend.

Quickly followed by a close air support bombardment.

Again we got a few hits followed by a bunch of saves! Damn drunk air pirates!

Cobras paying back the NI boys
Turnabout was fair play but with TOW's being macro-weapons there was no chance for the PT76's or BTR's they hit. Flaming death! Luckily the infantry were dismounted.

Then more Cobras show up! Finishing the PT76's
What! More Cobras! Spread the wealth around a bit guys. The last two PT76's go up in flames.
I am missing my SA13 model. (Sadly I even brought it but couldn't afford the points.)

Israeli regulars from the Golani Brigade brought everything including their Achzarit
Pooch has the brilliant idea to charge the Golani with his Recon. Stopping the impending assault.
Then they vanished in a wall of main gun, HMG, GPMG and Dragon fire.
Our newest Heroes of the Soviet Union, Lt Nicolai Valivesky and his 23rd MRR Recon Platoon (Tracked), will live forever in the hearts of the fatherland.

Andy's other company of Magach on our extreme right
With the recon blocking the road temporarily Andy's Magach try to turn our flank and grab some suburban real estate. They look threatening even for M60's.

Pooch's T72's from his best company bring the pain to the Golani boys
After much pointing and exited talking from the NI commander, the 23rds CO turns his T72's onto the giant Golani Brigade company threatening to further their toehold.

Jas' Magach move out to support the paras
The garrisoned para company on our right center is already quite a sticky thorn and now it's being reinforced by a Magach company. Which way do we turn our tanks?

This is what happens to the biggest unit on the table in EPIC. Everyone wants a piece
Well, when you have their biggest unit on the ropes you go for it. There were still a couple infantry stands threatening our neighbors' socialist ideal. So we poured it on. NI BMP's finish off the last of the Golani's armored vehicles.

NI BTR's roll up to finish off the Golani company
With the company now broken Naval Infantry BTR's roll up to finish off the infantry with their 14.5mm HMG's.
The nearby Magach company, sniffs the air...

The SU24 appears again to try to discourage the Magachs, to little effect
Another SU24 bombing run comes in. Flying nap of the earth evidently sapped their concentration so much that it was inconsequential. 1 BM.

Heavily infested wood! Very worrisome, but he is facing three tank companies.
The Magach in the wood open up on my T72 company across the highway from them.  Now these are one of only two units nearby our blitz objective. You boys better hold fast!

Uh, two and a half companies. My T72's get caned!
They are ok at first but then the Cobras show up and do even more damage! Narrowly avoiding breaking they marshall and move. Ducking behind a wood they try to help cover the city with their ZSU.

Then they shift right to help cover the city

T55's charge into the suburbs and get bounced by Cobras
With the door being closed by the recon platoon earlier it gives us a chance to push back through nthe town towards Andy and Jasons blitz objective!
The Cobra's pounce in a desperate attempt to slow the venerable T55 attack.

Then the Magachs  assault the slightly outnumbered T55's, and get smashed! Bad rolling
Then the company of Magach swarm in on them. Should have been an easy fight for the superior numbers and superior vehicles. But their luck truly deserts them and Pooch rolls 11 smashing their assault and sending them reeling towards their own lines.
The NI recon BMP's roll up onto the objective and decimate the broken Magach with 3cm autocannon and missles.

SU24 has it's best bombardment yet, breaking this company of Magach
 Soviet air finally came through in the end, stopping their ability to chase us off of the blitz objective.

There are four unmolested recon BMPs in that flaming mess
So in the end we get a point for destroying the largest unit as well as a point for the blitz.
A glorious Soviet Victory. Go Red Team!
The battle was never well in hand until the very last turn when we won the initiative, even then it required a bit of luck.
Remember guys, a lot of what I write about is based on what pictures I took and which ones came out well.
Feel free to post up your version;-)
Very fun game, maybe our best yet.


  1. Red Team!

    Was a good showing of the Soviets- I think our tactics worked in this instance.

    Nothing quite like putting the enemy onto the back foot, pinning them in their half!

  2. Hi

    I have pile of USSR and USA 1/285 Moderns and play epic. I was wondering if it was possible to have a copy of the modifications that you guys have made to the epic rules and the army list please.


    1. Thanks Greg! We think there are a few people like you!
      It is not quite ready for prime time, or wider playtest.
      When it is we will let you all know, so please stay tuned.

    2. OK that's sounds good.I'm currently sitting at home at the moment due to health issues and have plenty of time up my sleeve, and my other opponent is a retired school teacher. We both love playing epic and we a both players that have been with the hobby a long time. So I would like to ask if we could do some play testing for you, I know you think it not for the wider public yet, but I would love to see want you done so far and have few games. But either way I will respect your decision.

  3. Great Bat Rep Adam,even if if I was on the wrong side!

    Hmm - Pooch's move with the recon was inspired and I think this was the turning point as otherwise the Golani totally would have been up in the city. And the last thing you want to try and evict is the Evil Bitch!