Tuesday, 30 October 2012

[EPIC Modern] All your base, are belong to us.

That is correct folks!
Basing some 6mm units is a good idea and it looks cool too. I use it to simplify which unit is part of which formation, or to illustrate special abilities. It also gives you a chance to model with a bit more flexibility.
Obviously your mileage may vary etc.

This is what owns your base with 8 tons of Soviet 'precision' guided munitions
 This is an SU-24, kind of a Soviet version of an F-15 meets an F-111. Bombs, long range, very fast, cool.
They also had decent ECM and radar as well as defensive AA missles, a problem. This is using a typical Pooch designed base of 3cm disc, a couple heavy washers and a paper clip. Needed for this heavy pewter aircraft. (Then again it may be the bomb load.)

Recon Plt Tracked with a BRM-1 and three BMP-2, also the Bn CO in his K1Sh1
 The basing will illustrate their wider zone of control, makes them look different too. More important if you have different units using the same or similar vehicles.

Naval Infantry PT-76 platoon
 Usually attached to my NI Company, so no need for bases. But if I was using them as a separate tracked recon element then I would. I have bases ready to go!
6mm game on Friday! Those Israelis are up to their old tricks so the Red Team has recruited Pooch.

The Khan approves
I am very close to posting these guys up. Just a few niggles to deal with. (Basing and fitting to their horses!)


  1. Looking good dude- the markings on the Su-24 have come out really well!

    I forgot to ask, what did you use for the aerials?

  2. Thanks bro.
    I dig those Soviet paint jobs on their Fencer's so it was fun.
    The aerials are, pins for the masts and radar, and some poly filament that I had laying around for the wire antennae.
    I've also done up a LAV and an LVTP-7 command post for my Marines with antennae as well.