Friday, 5 October 2012

"If it keeps on rainin..."

"the levee's gonna break."
So I finally got most of my Slavs finished. I plan on using them for both my SAGA warband as a levee unit, that won't break of course but will in fact die to a man on order.;-)
I will also use them as an infantry back up for my Bulgar army. They will be FL Warriors, again representing Slavs with javelins.
Somehow, I'm out of practice with the bloody 28mm figures, must be all the 6mm tanks I've been doing.
Also, these Gripping Beast sculpts aren't as good as some of the other 28's I've done in recent memory. Overall the poses are good though, so suitable for backup troops, hopefully everyone will just look at the shields.8P

Axe wielding lunatic Slavs, on old shield sketches

A couple 'javelins', next time I'm using different spears, these were fiddly as.

Some of my fave mini's from this set

One unit in their sabot

The two axe, three spear mix looks good.

Add a caller with an ox horn and you have a warband!
Kind of missing my FoW army and their collection of .50 cal MG's for some reason.
In other news, I got some time to bust out the Saharianas this weekend, hopefully I won't get distracted by too much 6mm Soviet stuff.
I'm working so I'm jsut going to have Saturday at Conquest. I think that Pooch and I are still going to do a LRDG vs Saharianas demonstration.
Other ideas are 15mm Force on Force Vietnam, or our 6mm EPIC Modern.


  1. You AND Pooch shrinking off the Axis - Allies list. The field is thinning out a bit.

    Very cool looking SAGA/Impetvs stuff.

  2. Looks like we're both back in.
    Pooch is doing Aussies and I'm doing Italian tanks if possible.

    Thanks, we need to get in a game sometime mate!

  3. We are back on the list Jamie, don't worry!

    Loving the SAGA/Impetvs Slavs Adam, the bright colours are a nice change. Properly dirty shields too- a very cool effect.

  4. Italian tanks willmbe sweet. I think there might be space for gaming after conquest. Painting an army from scrarch in two weeks is keeping me busy and I need to try and make some terrain.....

    Then I can be back to frothing over other things. New Sagambook out soon :-)

  5. Thanks mate!
    Really need to finish my Bulgar CM's now. That will be close to 500 points.
    Lookout Remans ;-)

  6. Thanks mate!
    Really need to finish my Bulgar CM's now. That will be close to 500 points.
    Lookout Remans ;-)