Monday, 24 September 2012

The very fashionable, yet late, arrival of the French!

Like most gamers we always have a hard time getting everybody together, and last week was no exception.
We ended up having to play at Cavs on a Thursday and rub elbows with the unwashed masses.;-)
That is, our fellow members of ye olde Christchurch Cavaliers.
Andy and I had our Red Team sides of Iraqi Republican Guard and Soviet Naval Infantry respectively.
Pooch on the other hand, had to show off his shiny new French AMX-30's as well as his armored car collection! Tre bon! (You know how I am about cavalry...)
Pooch had two Armored Regiments of 8 AMX-30's each, a Light Armored Regiment of 8 AMX-10's and two companies of infantry with 3x VAB HOT and Manpads. Not to mention a flight of three Gazelles with HOT's. OH yeah, and a four gun battery of 155mm SP howitzers!
Andy's Iraqi's had three companies of Type 69 and a company of Panhards and two Migs.
I had a seven tank company of Naval Infantry T72's with a ZSU23 and a company of Naval Infantry in BTR80's with three Saggers and a Manpad. I also had a recon platoon of 4 BMP's and a flight of two Hind D's.
French move first.

These AMX-10's made a move on our left flank, overwatch BMP-2's respond.

GCT 155's target Iraqi armor in the city center

Hungry Krokodil takes out two tubes!

Gazelle flights swoop in on our left flank, and open fire on the recon platoon.

While the surviving BMP's fall back, Iraqi Mig29's splash one,(Gazelle).

VAB's with HOT exact retribution on my heroic Recon BMP's

A wood too far. (Sorry)

Soviet T72's quickly move to the center and open fire on the AMX-30's

The return fire of an AMX-30 company smashes one Soviet hero.

Iraqi Panhards lurking in a wood on the right flank.

Iraqi Type 69's hustle towards the center from the far right

Type 69 company rushes to cover after witnessing the barrage of HOT missles on the recon bubbas.

Safe in the concrete jungle of Stalinism...

After the second AMX-30 co. opens fire, they break!

The second AMX-30 company threatens the approaches to the city!

Look at those gorgeous obsolete tanks!

Type 69's in hull down defilade, they don't do HDD well btw.

I guess we're going to have to depend on the Naval Infantry.

Hold fast!

Krokodil's bite off more than ty can chew, both get shot down by SAM's

Two companies of French chasseurs are not easy pickings.

Yeah, not so good. Multiple HOT missle volleys tear into the Iraqi Type 69's who courageously hold the left.

While they are decimated.

Type 69 company No1 working around the rear of the French armored assault

Panhards bag an AMX-30!

No armor save for you Pooch!

They ninja move to save the city while catching the Chasseurs in the open. 14.5mm MG's make mincemeat of nearly half the company. They are not broken however!

We try a few options but can't get the blitz, but neither can he. Draw!
Super fun game! Pooch is always a very tough opponent.
Touch and go for several moments there. The rules are doing there job and our stats seem pretty good. Now we just need some closers!
Please comment here folks. We will eventually publish this mod on our blogs probably.

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  1. Vive le France!

    They ground forces are finished now for the French, gotta get their Air Force sorted next. Can't keep going around borrowing off the RAF...

    Was a good game, fun to play with lots of tanks, not just 8 really good ones!