Saturday, 13 October 2012

Red Team Museum - Revisited

Inspired by Poochies brilliant photo collection, I have been trolling through my unpublished pics from my visit to the Great Patriotic War Museum, in Kiev, Ukraine, earlier this year.
When you are in Kiev it isn't hard to find. Look for the statue of the 'Mother of the Fatherland'.

She is over 100M tall
 From the bus station you walk down the street and you know you're there because you can hear Shostakovich from a few dozen all weather speakers as you walk down the wide stairs flanked by Zis-3's.

Much lighter and more transportable than a Pak-40, also artillery...

On the right is a wee sideshow museum slash tank parking lot. It contained dozens of vehicles from pre WW2 to late Cold War.

Under license. Soviet. 1930? WTF Very early light tankette.



SU-122 and Mum ready to bring the noise

Locally fabricated 'Terror Tank'
Translated signage: Homemade light tank, "The Terror"
Resembling the tanks produced by the soldiers of the 25th Chapaivsky Division and the workers of the Odessa factory "January Uprising" during the defense of Odessa.

There was obviously a lot more, including the SCUD launcher in the background. Unfortunately my phone decided to FREAK out and use the whole battery. Said phone was my sole commo link to my wife... worked out fine of course.;-)

On the way down, after the tank parking lot there a small museum dedicated to veterans of the other wars. Vietnam, Afghanistan, Mozambique, Namibia etc. really neat, and only recently done. Most vets were from Afghan of course and the bulk of the exhibit here was as well.
Plus side, lots of leather hand made vests for .303 and 7.62x54 ammo, radio sets, slouch hats, and cammies.
Down side, remembering how close we got so many times.
Comical, a US helmet with a Mercedes sign instead of a Peace sign.

T-10, logical evolution of the IS-2, the last heavy?

BMD, Soviet Desantniki can roll around in this

BMP-1, the forerunner of all MICV's
 I would like to point out that the main gun was changed because it didn't have enough elevation for Afghanistan specifically. Steep country, crap roads and few of them.

BMP-2, product improved for Afghanistan

T-55, good enough for the Naval Infantry

I grew up fearing the T-64

T-62, I could handle, (With a Dragon team attached).

Our Glorious Spring Victory! (PT-76 and Gorgeous wife)

So wow, lots of cool shit I found. There were a lot of Afghan memorials, at least one in most cities. Usually wth a BMP, sometimes with a statue. Kiev had a very nice and more famous one being near the Great Patriotic War museum and the Pechers'ka Lavra Monastery.

Afghan Memorial, Kiev
My dead camera missed this pic, so not mine. This is in the middle of the bus circle.

Thanks Chris for reminding me of this by your awesome post. Always raising the bar!


  1. I do love how they have given everything wheeled whitewall tyres...

    That is a seriously large statue, and a cool collection of tanks!

    Is that Ruth's "forward to victory" pose?

  2. The May Day Parade look I gather.;-)
    Yep very cool statue and museum, I might dig up some more photos soon.

    I've added some info and links especially for that weird looking bulldozer 'tank', take a look!