Monday, 3 September 2012

WIP: Task Force Riper

I've actually got some painting done on my 6mm GHQ Marine Expeditionary Unit.
Here's some of my new LAV-25's, in front of some, stolen from the Army (Pooch!), M1A1's

Waiting on their LAV-AT buddies

Here are the F/A-18's that Pooch gave me a while back as well, he had even based them with his patented 'system'.
In VMFA-232 livery, one of the squadrons from Kaneohe when I was stationed there. (Speaking of old.) As a matter of fact one of the oldest squadrons of any type in the Marines.

The Marine Corps Air - Ground Team

Task Force Riper is named after a famous 'Red Team' Lt. General who notoriously defeated the invasion of Iraq plan in 2002. So the then current Secretary of Defense changed the rules! (Actually it would have been the US Army moderator I believe.)

I've got paint on a company of infantry as well. Thinking about how to special team them.
Chads with NATO weapon symbols on them?

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