Saturday, 8 September 2012

10,000 Views and D&D Next Playtest

So thanks for visiting!

D&D Next playtest has been fun so far and not over. The classic after it's many versions returns with a new simplified ruleset.
So for anyone who doesn't know me. I am a raving WFRP referee as well as Traveller etc and have given up on DnD more times than many have played it. But I love playing rpg's so when Jamie offered to run a playtest I was in.
I've been running the halfling thief character while I firmly have Belkar from OotS in mind.
I have also taken to calling it 'Kill and Loot', in fact we forgot to loot the bodies once, for about 2 minutes, and Jamie chastised us for amateurism!
The Defender character, that Jon is using, is super useful, place him correctly and even our party of squishy thieves and clerics can prevail with the loot.
We all have more powers than I'm used to started with in DnD but nothing super powerful. Casters can do stuff now, in between sleep even.
Still D20, way less min-maxing, pretty fun really.

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