Friday, 31 August 2012

20 Questions... or less

In response to this post I decided to throw down a few of my own selective answers.
1 Favorite wargaming period? Hmmn, tough, but Ill have to go with WW2 first just because of the extremely rapid tech advances and the fact that all sorts of different things were going on. Vietnam is another huge one for me. Close is certainly 'modern'.

2 Next period? Well I've got a bit of Dark Ages stuff which is awesome, but the Renaissance could be calling as well as the Napoleonic period...

3 Films, top 5? No way can I stop at five, Alien, Blade Runner, Ronin, The Wild Bunch, The Good the Bad and the Ugly, Apocalypse Now!, No Country for Old Men etc....

4 TV shows, five as well? The Wire!, Firefly (as well Pooch), The Sandbaggers, Twilight Zone, and yes Monty Python. If you wont accept MP then The Mighty Boosh.

5 Best Book. A best book? Jeez you guys are tough. Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy

6 Greatest General. Just to be different, how about USMC General Vandegrift of Guadalcanal fame? More different? Vo Nguyen Giap of the Peoples Army of Vietnam. Less? William Tecumseh Sherman

7 Best Wargames Rules? Squad Leader! Kidding, as far as rules sets the one I like the most is probably Force on Force right now. But, I'm quite mercurial on this...

8 Sports? WTF Uh Rugby...

9 Time machine? Assassinate Hitler.

10 Last meal? Steak and chips with an IPA.

11 and 12 Nope

13 Favorite Superhero? The Batman or Sherlock Holmes

14 Favorite military quote?

Semper Fi Chesty!
15 Historical destination? Maybe Lake Victoria to see the 'Mountains of the Moon'. I would love to see more Roman stuff...too many...

16 Out of time for now...


  1. Can I be the first to nominate Napoleonics? Just because they'd be bitchin'. :)

    I have an unhealthy fixation with Crimean War-era minis, though I've resisted shelling out cash so far. Brit infantry with shakos/ ColdStream with bearskins; Russians with picklehaube. Also bitchin'.

  2. Crimean War? That would be awesome! You know you want to join the Italian Wars too....

    I knew Puller would be your quote, I just knew it, you had a few pretty awesome ones to choose from however!

  3. Hmmn, Russian Light Dragoons, Uhlans and Cossacks,
    German landschnecks(sp?),
    or something from the Crimean War.
    17th Lancers!

    Yeah Chris, Puller is a Marine Icon.;-)

  4. Well Italian Wars / C15th does have Cross on Cart, and Swiss Mercs, and Slavic/Turk/Magyar/etc Mercs, German Mercs in puffy sleeves (surely that satisfies the inner Naps gamer's desire for fashionable troops?) and Pikes and crossbows and guns and....

    Pretty cool period. Would be cool if you joined in!