Saturday, 15 September 2012

Return to the "Fighting 13th" MEU

Last weekend as a warmup for Borodino we had a quick(!) friendly game of EPIC Moderns to introduce Lintman to our latest group psychosis.
Pooch had a spare army to loan, so Nick used the Royal Armored Corps, Challenger list with an attached company of Paras, while Pooch used a small part of his 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment.
Since I had been called up for 'Blue' team I got to use my newly painted Marines from my old unit, the 13th MEU. I brought an infantry company, with supporting CAAT, as well as Dragons and a Stinger. I also had an MEU armored unit of 4 M1A1's and 4 LAV-25, as well as a separate M1 tank platoon and a pair of F/A-18s. (Not a typical MEU TO&E but not unlikely after some combat attachments in theater.)
On Red team we had a good turn out from the 'usual suspects'. Andy hosting with his awesome table and Iraqi armor and some infantry support. As well as an MiG 29. Kruger with his wicked Iranian tank circus. Not to mention 2 F-4 Phantoms and an F-14 Tomcat. As well as Than and his efficient Syrian T72's.
So not particularly likely, but a pretty cool six player match up. Maybe somewhere in Kurdistan?

The first hit and BM go to the Reds!

A Co 1/3 and their CAAT in the wood

Iraqi Type 69's are in fact cheaper by the dozen!

2 ACR grabs the bridge

Challies of the RAC with USMC M1A1's lurking in the wadi

2 ACR Scout M3's get bounced by Iranian Phantoms while BBQing

Syrian Tankists showing a very high level of training

Iraqis Type 69's moving past burning Iranian M48's(?)

Unstoppable tank horde?

RAC Challies open fire on the Syrians

2 ACR in gun drill mode. Maximum ROF!

VMFA 232 F/A-18's get bounced by Iranian F-14! Splash one Red Devil.

Alpha 1/3 moves forward into a wadi and engages Iraqi Type 69's with Dragon and TOW.

Bloody Nose!

Iranian Tank Circus hammers the lead Cav Troop!

RAC Challies can't find the range!

A MiG-29 wants a piece of that Red Tailed Devil. Massive Dogfight! He survives!

Cheeky Iraqi Saladins try to harangue the MEU

Syrian T72's trying to outflank the RAC

1 Para moves over the ridge and swarms into the wadi spoiling for a fight.

Battle Troop of 2 ACR moves up to reinforce the center

Iraqi armor moves into the city to support their infantry.

Seriously, these Saladins are going to pay.

Sole surviving scout M3 pings a T72 at 2 klicks

Combined Challies and M1A1's hammer the sole exposed T72 Co.

A landscape of burning tanks.

1 Para about to assault the Iranian Tank Circus

Massive throw down results in a narrow Iranian victory.

Do not poke the M1A1's

Marines fall back after getting shot up by more Iraqi tanks, but hold the bridge.

Paras and Iranians have a go again! Messy.

Largely unscathed Cav Troop holding the center.

Surviving Challies atop the mesa.

Iranian F-14s finish off the cheeky scout.


  1. Hi Adam,

    This was epic. The massed Iranian armour ended up a burning scrap heap! ? Good to see the other side of the fence!

    Great photos and a good bat rep.


  2. What army lists/points system do you use for Epic Moderns ?

    1. We have a home built list that evolved into a ruleset.
      It's called Conflict '89 and will available to playtesters sometime soonish.;-)