Friday, 31 August 2012

Battalion Landing Team

I wonder how long since they've had liberty?

Yeah, this has become my latest 6mm project. I won't do the whole thing as I'm not Pooch, but I should have enough to throw down.
We just finished cranking out a list for them circa the 1990's when we realized that the Marines still used the M60A1's in 1991 and even a bit later. All kinds of up modded of course but jeez, penny pinching or what.
In the picture is the ground combat element of an MEU. The Battalion Landing Team which is an infantry battalion of three companies plus a weapons,( of 8 81mm mortars, 6 TOWs, and 12 HMG's) and an HQ company,(Admin, Comm, STA, Motor Transport, Aid Station etc). A tank platoon, a LAV-25 platoon(?), an Amtrac platoon of 12 LVTP7's and an artillery platoon of 6 155mm howitzers.
What you can't see in this picture is the Air Combat Element of the Marine Expeditionary Unit. It would be about 4 CH-53 Sea Stallions, 12 CH-46 Sea Knights, 3 UH-1N's and 6 AH-1 Cobras.
There are also a few ships involved, three or so in fact.
One of the Marine Corps rules of gunfighting is of course,"bring a gun". Another one is,"bring ALL of your friends with guns."


  1. What manufacturer are you using for USMC 6mm? That scale has got to be amazing for large-scale engagements.

  2. GHQ and Heroics and Ros make awesome minis in this scale.
    Teeny tiny! But great sculpts.