Sunday, 15 July 2012

With the Old Breed in 28mm

Pretty close to finished except for a couple bits and pieces.
These include my new Corporal from The Assault Group, with his pump shotgun and I also want to really work up my mortar and sniper teams. I will post them up when finished.

Platoon HQ
A proper headquarters for a Marine Rifle platoon has the LT, the Platoon Sergeant, a radio telephone operator and a Corpsman. These Bolt Action sculpts from Warlord are really good, great detail, correct kit and compelling poses.

M1919A4 LMG team
I wanted to model a patrol so chose not to get the LMG team with an assembled gun. No that isn't Manila John Basilone, but he might have known that Marine Icon.

Scout / Sniper team
Not quite there with these guys. Need to do a bit more to the bases and a couple detail bits so they'll really pop.

stretcher bearer, rifleman and a flame thrower
The stretcher bearer and flamethrower will usually be normal riflemen, but I will break out the Zippo one day. Speaking of which, my Zippo measuring tape has developed aging issues!

BAR man with two riflemen

Buffalo with crew
I am going to make a mount for this, I am. I need to MG Pooch's nasty little Gebirgsjagers.

A Weaver stance in the 40's? We'll just call him cutting edge, top of the class etc.
Definitely a Mustang IMO.


3rd MAF and 3rd MARDIV objective markers

still working on the basing
The lot
More to come, but I got a lot done in the weeks since the debacle in Karelia.;-)


  1. Looking cool Adam, they are so close to done you can almost taste the salt!

    That Lt has a wicked pose, and you have certainly done these guys justice with the variety of camo, colour and wear that you have given them.

  2. Are you just throwing it in our faces that you are the only one to have actually used a flamethrower?

    Or are you asking how many points for a flamethrower?;-)