Saturday, 14 July 2012

SAGA - Scotch is a drink.

A warband of Scots on the other hand are no easy day.
Had a last minute type of game vs Andy, frankly he wanted to play Flames of War and I hadn't brought my stuff. I wanted a lower key game as I was pretty knackered from work last week when this went down.
[I know I am behind... I will get better, probably not actually, but I have got a ton of modelling done!]

I was up against Ken Macalpin and his wily Scots again. He had Kenneth, four units of warriors broken into three, and one four man unit of hearthguard.

Red team warriors, sense a theme...?

I had the hard men of the Kyivan Rus' along with Rurik of course.
(Three units of Varangians broken into two and two units of warriors as well as Harald Hardrada.)
We rolled and got Escort, with the Scots defending, I started to worry immediately as he already outnumbered me substantially and the baggage units also had fighting abilities. Additionally I knew that Andy would use his battleboard well.
There were several scattered woods and a large castle that never really got used as it was behind Kenneth's men.
My first attack was against his left flank protecting a single baggage train, my warriors bounced pretty hard and lost three already.

Check out the sabot bases.

When he started bringing up the center we smashed right into his left flank with my other warrior unti trying to pin him when I activate my hearthguard.
I manage to partially do this but he moves out of the way.
Right before this part I move up a unit of Varangians and Andy uses the of Wood and Steel or something to counterattack them. This an awesome ability, he smashes my 6 hearthguard with his four! Ouch!

Scots getting caned.

We manage to cut him up a bit on the left.

Holding the center against the marauding Varangians

I throw another unit at the warriors in the center along with Rurik. We finally crush the center. The three survivors move back.
Ken moves back but not far enough.
Similarly, my warriors on my right have stood back from the baggage and the remaining warriors

The end is nigh for you mate.

Rurik moves in with a single hearthguard and slays Kenneth with a rain of blows from his Dane axe.
We use Loki to execute the three remaining warriors in the center.
Finally we chase down two of the baggage trains after he manages to exit one.
Narrow win for me!
Andy did mention we are 1-1 now. (He still wins the modelling competition by a long shot!)
Awesome game, very close run for the entirety.


  1. Scotch is a drink that should be drunk?

    I have never played the Escort mission, it looks.. interesting. Curious that the baggage fight (quite) well, leads to some funny wee situations where the baggage wins combat!

    It was nice to see the Wizard getting a go on table!

  2. Nice photos and report. Lovely looking figures too.

  3. Love the Scots' shields.

    So Sabots work with Saga. My Dark Age armies are based for Impetvs and have no interest in making skirmish forces but if I can use Sabots (i.e Impetvs bases) then I might give it a go-if I can find the time to squeeze it in to our already busy gaming schedule.


    1. Pooch; or "I'm a Scotsman, scotch is a drink you twat!"
      It is a good mission actually, I forgot my wagon so used my wizard and some casualties as baggage instead. Bummer. I will write rules for my wich though, lookout.
      Thanks Rodger.;-)
      Craig; Actually the sabots aren't terribly useful except for the first movement or so. In SAGA you want to be within 2" to attack or be involved in combat so you have to be able to move them more fluidly quite often. The sabots are primarily for using my SAGA army in Impetus! (Not to dissuade you mate.8P)

  4. Good to know. I've plenty of figs lying round I could use, I just don't like basing/moving individual models.

    A game of Dark Ages at impetvs at some point would be good, my dark ages armies rarely get a run.


  5. Hi Adam, I think both you and Andy win the modelling competition over me!

    Cool looking game, and well done.

  6. Thanks Jamie, (but I don't even have a LotR army).
    I'm a fan of yours as well.