Friday, 20 July 2012

The sun can rise in the west.

We had a second throw down with the Imperialists last Friday so I'm a week behind.
It was hella fun and we got more testing done on the rules mods, I've been a sporadic to vacant contributor, the work has been done by my comrades Than, Pooch and Kruger. Huzzah guys!

Here we see an F-16 that got through our CAP bringing the pain!
 The Western Imperialists had sorted out their lists from last time and brought a ton of aircraft. Evidently the Krokodil had put abject terror in their hearts where courage should have been.;-)

Turnabout is fair play, however, it was Pooch again having his tanks killed...

With two companies of Syrian tanks on our left and part of a Soviet MR battalion on the right we were confident. Both of Than's T72M companies took turns firing at the delaying force of the American armored cav, effectively neutering it in the first turn we thought. It is however, a big flexible unit. With ATSNKF they were unbreakable.

A single BM is all we ever got on the damn Merks
 We got kinda carried away and forgot to shoot the Merks. 'It won't do much to them.., etc."
We needed to have put some more BM's on them at least. (Blast markers act as suppression on individual units.)

Cute right! Krokodil thought so too, tasty!
 Looks like a big target, and easy too. Too tasty too pass up.
SHOULD have passed it up and smashed some Merks and again got a couple more BM's at least.

Wait, attack helicopters attacking me?! Not good.
 I knew the Cobras were coming at some point, and I'm a big fan! But not so mcuh when they're killing your tanks! Not bad shooting kills two T72B's and BM's three more!

Bringing the pain.
With revenge in our hearts, we decide to smash some unarmored Humvees. We do, they run.

An activation too far. About to get caned.
 Here comes the payback, Merks, jets, Bradleys etc opens up on John's tanks!

One of several, targeting two companies of T72M's for some reason.
 Cobras again as well!

Oh jeez. That is a lot of wrecks.
 Resulting in two broken companies and many dead tanks!

Here comes the infantry! Broken tank formations aren't scary.
 Then the Israeli paratroops bust through the gap onto out Blitzkrieg objective!

Look at that Tomcat shaped shadow! Flares, flares...!!
 Our disheveled units are reduced in the township by his Merkavas and elsewhere by his aircraft.
Total failure of our air cover should have been expected despite bringing two Mig29's! The enemy was also able to suppress our Shilkas and we hadn't modeled the integral SA7's of the MRR company yet.
Super fun game again though!
Pooch has more thorough AAR at his blog.

Total western domination, after a really good looking, and I may even say overwhelming start by the Soviet Bloc!


  1. 6 mil... good lord, those are tiny little bastards. Talk about modelling some full-scale engagements.

    P.S. I dig the huge building and the 'flaming-explosion' markers. And, of course, helicopters are cool.

  2. The buildings are resins from Old Crow Models. Very nice pieces, which I really need to finish painting.

    I think we were damned if we did, damned if we didn't with those Merkavas. You're right leaving them alone was a mistake, but "And They Shall Know No Fear" (ATSKNF) means it would have taken 2 blast markers to suppress each tank. I'm not sure we had enough firepower left at that stage to do much to them.

  3. Good pics! The lighting was poor for photos, but those have come up quite well. The big bad Krokodil is looking good.

    At least they will be easier to suppress now that they have lost ATSKNF.

    The horde of humvees was so cute. So rubbish, but so cute. Nasty Krokodil did nasty things to them tho.... Why oh why didn't I give 50 cal an AA shot?