Sunday, 22 July 2012

Something wicked this way comes...

So you may have heard a glimmer of our next group project.
28mm skirmish is all the rage and it was only a matter of time until someone got wind of the fact that Force on Force is actually a Modern ruleset!
Our friend Andy was keen on wargaming this and after he got a look at the Empress miniatures modern line we all jumped on board. They showed up a couple weeks ago and he already has a good gang of Chechens ready to go. They could of course proxy just about any former Soviet gangsters or terrorists.

13th Marine Expeditionary Unit and friends...

I've assembled and base coated my small gang of highly trained operators. A mixed bag of Marines from the 13th MEU, (or some other USMC unit) and some Other Government Agency operators (which could as well be SEALs or Army SF).
As well as a single CH-46 from HMM-163 to use as an objective or extraction helo which is kinda why this post happened.
While innocently perusing Acorn Models in town, looking for a decal sheet to modify my 'Phrog', I came across something that I couldn't resist! (weird I know!)

RQ-1 / MQ-1 Predator

It's been suggested that I next model some JDAM  craters.


  1. A predator? Really? And you mock me for my random purchases....

    I really, really need to get my Taliban going don't I?

  2. Oh come now Pooch, don't be so jealous...;-)

    Actually however I thought it was a good to illustrate one of the more 21st century changes that has happened while we watched.
    The panopticon applied to the battlefield with all of it's implied myopia. Combined with ridiculously well trained troops and massive firepower in the most remote places on earth.
    Truly putting logistics and comms to the limit.
    It's part of the story, a symbol as well. It has actually been used as a troop replacement by lawmakers.

    Yes you do mate. Yes you do.

  3. Jealous? Of course I am! The predator is an awesome piece of hardware!

    I will try to get the OPFPOR based at least!