Sunday, 19 August 2012

6mm Moderns: The See-Saw of Game Balance

We are on it, or close.
Last Friday we had another showdown. This one was bound to be a hoot with five players and five armies, 4500 points per side!
At the last minute however, Jas (Kruger) had to call in. Luckily Pooch has a couple thousand points of US Armored Cavalry ready to roll at all times!
We showed up at Andy's and when I saw his table I was pretty stoked. He had cranked out more buildings, enough for a small city, on top of his really cool table he's building for Conquests El Alamein theme.

M109 Paladins and MLRS', truly the Kings of Battle

 Pooch set up with the city to his left, placing a company of paratroops from the 82nd with supporting Sheridans there. On his right flank, the other side of three wadis, he put out a company of light cavalry in Hummvees with a few TOWs.

One of my favorite looking tanks, M551 Sheridans

In the center he placed his moneymakers. Mech infantry in Bradleys hunkered down in the wadis.

Bradleys and Linebackers with dismounts*

Then the Abrams' started hitting the table.

The 15mm trenchlines make great wadis for 6mm

 There were tank companies to either side of them! 19 M1A1's!

Seriously threatening M1's, yikes

Facing them, on our right, the opposite side of the city from the 82nd Airborne, were the Iraqi OT-64's of an reinforced infantry company, half of Andy's force.

Iraqi OT-64's and infantry

The right center was my Soviet Naval Infantry reinforced battalion with BTR's, PT-76's and T-72B's

Naval Infantry Landing Battalion

Then a couple companies of Syrian T-72, run by Jon, as well as his ZSU-23s and 120mm mortars

Syrian T-72's with Iraqi armored cars in the background

Iraqi T-55 companies on our left, across from his Humvees.

Iraqi T-55's and a ZSU-23
 The Yanks get initiative of course and the throw down commences. 155mm artillery and Multiple Launcher Rocket System barrages just cane the Syrian T-72s.
We counter with the Iraqi T-55s attacking the Humvees and our Soviet Krokodil jumps the Sheridans. Our attacks aren't super successful though, killing a few Humvees and a single Sheridan and throwing around a few blast markers. Our Recon BMP's bag an Abrams when they move up.
Then F-14's jump our Hind D! Soo our Mig's bounce them...
wait for it. But first a paratroop Stinger team gets a shot!
End result? Between them they splash 2 Migs and a Hind! Damn that Maverick imperialist!

Ooorah Indeed! Naval Infantry fighting for the heights

After our Iraqi comrades get denied their advance by an overwatching para company, and the M1 company on our left had moved forward it was decided that we had to 'do something' lol.
The Naval Infantry saddled up and charged into the breach, or rather the open barrels of another Abrams company. Between 4 PT76's and 3 Sagger teams we got a kill or two and a few blast markers but we had a toehold in the center!

Sole surviving TOW Humvee and friends
 On our left the Iraqi armor was pinging away at the Abrams company to their front as they were getting shot up by the same.

Iraqi T-55 swarm

Our last Mig-29 flies over the last T-72 from a Syrian company...
 Our last Mig was shot down as well, a couple times over I think.

Saladin armored cars! Cool models, bunk stats.
 The Iraqi armored cars stayed hidden until it was necessary to threaten objectives.

The city! Infested with paras as usual...
 An assault by the valiant Iraqi infantry is beaten back after a long fight. RPG's vs Dragon and LAW, the rattle of LMG's, breaking glass and detonations punctuate the retreat.

Broken Naval Infantry Company...
 Several broken companies litter the table, unable to rally. The curses of their NCO's and Officers remind some of sailors'.8P

Taking casualties but still bringing the pain.
 Making a move for the mortars and the Blitz objective.

Still threatening with the Bradleys as well.
The Bradleys hammer the last Soviet Recon BMP's to pieces.
I believe in the final tally Pooch was able to grab his blitz objective. In any case a fun game and we are very close indeed and the scoreline has been showing this. A little bad luck goes a long way.
I would like to have been able to rally something, but if I had, there would have been a different result I think.
Very fun game and great people! Missed you Jas!
Apologies for tons of cool stuff I forgot, as well as crap photo's, but there you are.

Pooch's Yankee Imperialist write up is here.

*is that an effed up pro treadhead term or what?


  1. Gutted I missed this, sounds like an awesome game!

    Oh well, The Israelis will be back, not that the yanks need them!

    Red team has reinforcements coming too, one day it can all of is vs Pooch!


  2. Those photos aren't too bad! Mine are just as crap if that is any consolation....

    Was a very cool game, certainly got to use lots of cool stuff on one table!


  3. It was a fun game and yes Pooch you did have a bunch of cool toys on the table!
    See you both soon.;-)
    On the photos, I always seem to mess up the shots I really wanted. I'll keep trying but I hate to stop everything while I take a photo op. I hope it doesn't bother other players.