Monday, 9 July 2012

On the road to Damascus; bringing the Kool Aid!

Another 6mm showdown in the 'Cold War Gone Hot' 90's. This time the Zionists and their Imperialist allies have attacked our peace loving allies in Syria. It is up to us, the 23rd Guards Motorized Rifle Regiment, to shore up the defenses and hold the left flank of the approaches to Damascus in the Zahl valley of Lebanon.
We knew that our comrades would have a hard time by themselves. We would help them fight against the mercenaries of the Black Watch and the Golani.

F-16 in the jink!

We have the left flank covered with our BMP recon platoon and the bulk of the 1st battalion behind the hills. They have just arrived however and are trying to move out when an F-16 decides to take a closer look. Luckily our SA-9's and missles from the Sovremenny drive it off before it can do more add a blast marker.

BMP recon platoon breaks!

The Israeli armored infantry surges forward and grabs the town on our right. An objective by the way. Spotting our recon platoon a few of them open fire, with TOWs and Dragons, and splatter two of them, the remaining two are BM'd.

BRDM Malyutka's rush in to hold the flank!

Our BRDM Malyutka platoon moves into a supporting position.

The Tankists wait...

Our attached T72B company is ready to roll on the Black Watch to our front.

The Black Watch prepares...

Our Malyutka teams take the Warriors under fire and score a couple hits but no kills!

to surge forward and grab the woods!

The Black Watch's Warriors roll up and grab the wood, infesting it with their dismounts and ATGM teams.

Hungry, hungry Krokodil.

Finally our air support arrives in the guise of a single hungry Krokodil. It makes a run for the Desert Rats' Challengers, killing one! Combined with the two blast markers the platoon breaks and hides behind the ridge line!

First tank kill!

My Tankists move to the center to challenge the Merks that have moved in to support their infantries right flank. The Israelis are being heavily engaged by my Syrian allies which have destroyed most of their M113's, but few of their infantry teams.

Oh, this is gonna be a mess.

The BTR company moves up in preparation of an assault. WE want to suppress most of the Brit company, but even with some supporting fires we fail. Biggest problem was our Destroyer artillery support just plain missing.


A Harrier shows up but fails to kill the Hind D despite hitting it with a Sidewinder! (We later found out the minimum range is of a Sidewinder is 2km.)

The Syrian tankists needed less help than advertised.

Our Syrian allies' second company of T72M, the range is open!

The battle for the center

Cheeky Zionists holding our objective and getting shot up for their trouble.

The horror, the horror...

My Tankists turn and engage the Warrior company at short range.

The hammer came down!

The 3cm cannons on the MICV's cut apart the BTR's at even shorter range!

Deserted objective marker.

After our attack on the Black Watch is thrown back, littering the battlefield with charred wrecks, we brace to hold on to our territory. Meanwhile our allies are able to race ahead to grab the blitzkrieg objective. Victory is ours!

We hold all but two objectives. Woot

But the carnage was in fact complete as well.
I had lost 5 BTR's,  3 T72's, 2 BRDM, 2 BMP and a few infantry teams.
Poochies write up is here
We're working on revisions. Despite everything being about right, we acknowledge that we need to do a bunch of tweaking.

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  1. About time this was up! I can't even claim that the report is Kool-Aid, the westerners were on the receiving end of a whole lot of pain!