Saturday, 30 June 2012

6mm is the new black!

So lately, my mercurial friends have gotten me on board with an old favorite of mine from back in the day (tm).
GHQ Micro Armour in 1/285 or 6mm scale.
Seeing an opportunity I jumped in at the deep end with Soviet Guards Motorized Rifles, circa 1990's, in our 'cold war gone hot' alternate reality.

BTR-80's and T72's
 I relished my opportunity to paint camo vehicles finally. I decided on Afghanistan era dark green on brown applied in theater. The different platoons and com panies had differing ideas of how to do it however.;-)

BMP-2's from the Recon platoon, Guards Motorized Infantry
 My Recce boys just had to be different of course, tiger stripes! Probably watched too much Apocalypse Now as well.

A hungry, hungry Krokodil.
We had a test drive last night, with Than, Pooch and Kruger. Lot's of smoking carnage when four battalions meet in Lebanon.
We're using the EPIC ruleset heavily kitbashed. Look for an AAR soon.


  1. The camo scheme looks great Adam. I really need to hurry up with my army.

    Game last night was fun, but brutal. So many burning vehicles!

  2. Mercurial? Pah. I prefer the term "as changeable as the wind"

    Your camo is looking sweet dude, looking forward to your AAR.


  3. Thanks guys! My main effort at the moment is my WW2 Grunts.
    Will post them and the AAR soon.
    Yours is good though of course!