Wednesday, 20 June 2012

"Target the parking lot of Shermans."

So I've got another late batrep. I'm terrible I know.
I have actually been modelling, which is in fact the reason for this blog.
But this was another weird workout of the rules and my perceptions.

It was my fellow Cavs member Josh and his cagey assault pioneers with tank support.
Wait for it... that's right Stugs!
And panzer III's, scary-ish, not really I know but also Priority HS129's.
Well I usually ignore air really, being a Yank player it's no big deal. More later.

Stugs and Pioneers oh my.
So we're Surrounded and I roll defense, yeah I know but he was mech assault pioneers or something. Gepanzerte, right. He's got:
Gep Pioneer Plt
Gep Pioneer Plt
Stg Plt 2x StgIII
Tank Plt 3x PzkpfwIII

Proxied Pzkpfw III
I've got the usual, sorry.

A little tight in here
Seriously, no room to park. I've got my Shermans in ambush wanted to keep my armored reserve a surprise.

Tank parking lot.
 I pop the Shermans ready behind a wood ready to pounce on his Stugs. One of his Stg's bogs, we pounce on the survivor.

Cavalry Recon patrol in a wood
Combat Engineer Platoon, Dug In, GTG.
Anticipating the onslaught. That never ever came. These guys probably smoked a ton of cigarettes waiting for the vaunted Assault Pioneeren. They did hear some fighting in the wood to their right, as well as the paddocks behind them. Anticipation of assault...

This time only one HS129 showed up, this time...
 Oh the enemy air. Those unpainted bastards. HS-129's are a biatch!

There were three this time...
But we get the Stugs! After a couple more sorties though Goerings lapdogs get the entire platoon of Shermans. Still the couple Pioneer teams are threatening this flank.

Retribution for my halftrack killing.
I like baiting Panzers with armoured cars. It's fun! Show your ass to my friend's 37mm. We tried this a couple times and eventually bagged one with a 105 howitzer.
In between we attacked his arty over and over. Fun!

The remains of Assault Pioneer plt #1
Sometimes it get's hairy. These guys popped out and tried to assault my valiant Sacrificial Stuart platoon with a flamethrower. Yikes! Somehow my luck turned up and despite pinning two Stuarts they failed tank terror!

The dice looked like thjs a lot.
Josh had to concede after turn seven or so. He had a couple teams within 16" but there was no threat anymore.
Fun game and I had some good luck and some very bad luck.
Cheers Josh!

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