Tuesday, 12 June 2012

SAGA Getting my one trick right-ish.

Jamie and I had a good quick SAGA melee a couple weeks ago now, but it was fun and I got a couple pics.
A different mission this time, basically this one is a Warlord throwdown.
Both warlords start with 12 'hit points', one starts in the middle the other within 12". Their warbands aren't with them yet...

Rurik starts in the middle and has a unit of 12 warriors move up into direct support. That takes two activations and a fatigue point suddenly appears. Using 'With Me' Rurik does his patented straight up the middle attack 'plan' smashing into Ragnar Hairypants and getting first blood. Following this we bring up our first hearthguard unit of 6 Varangians onto our left.
We are eyeing Jamie's beautiful sod house with it's outbuildings designed to keep everyone cosy with the livestock protected from roving bands of... well, Vikings.

Ragnar is wondering if he pays his battle hardened Jomsvikings enough for them to show up.

My witch laments a lack of rules that allow her to kill like every other cast member of this show.

My first hearthguard catches up with the main body.

 They decide to have a go at Ragnar as well. Urah! He fights them off using Jomsviking dirty tricks.

Our warbands are a little bit away from each other. No pictures but on the right my (now favorite posthumuous) other unit of 6 Varangians smash into another unit of hearthguard. With some good rolling we utterly destroy them, leaving a sole survivor.

The throw down continues. He attacks me, I attack him.
Insert dirty Jomsviking trick # whatever here.
Again, the Kyivan Rus charge into the fray.

Finally there is only the two warlords; and one disheartened Jomsviking out of command distance providing Ragnar with another activation die. But anyway.
Just the two warlords, we battle, then battle some more.

Finally after much hand wringing and die rolling the final turn arrives. We both have 6 hit points left.
A tie! What is this Soccer!?

Very fun game as usual Jamie! We will throw down again soon. I couldn't remember your warlords name, so went with your old one. Sorry dude, will edit.


  1. Yikes - that was my 'recent' game and I am late to comment on a late post! It was a great game, Adam. The Joms-Viking Lord might as well be called Ragnar as he was clearly mercenary scum who was playing both ends against the middle - as evidenced by the Soccer scoreline.

    I liked how the scenario mixed up what is 'good' in terms of lists and abilities a little and Hadrada is definitely a hard bastage to tackle in this one. Will have to play again soon.

  2. Thanks bro. It was seriously fun. I'm liking the different scenarios that are in the books once we try them out.
    Very fun system, not too expensive to get into. Chance for pretty , pretty models...

    It was tough for your Joms to shine, what with the close engagement ranges but I prefer that anyway for some reason.;-)