Sunday, 24 June 2012

The 4x4 table of war gets better, slowly.

Prompted by this post some time ago by my talented comrade. I realized that I needed some new terrain, ribbons, though flexible, do not do what I need. Which is, visual clues to how things are going to be.

First I cut foamcore into appropriate shapes and taped the edges, I'm worried about spraypaint solvents dissolving the foam. Been there done that.

Here are some rivers. To copy one wavy line do you remember the trick? Grab a chunk of foamcore that's the right width, hold a pencil against one edge, and trace the first line with the other edge.
Woot, pro tracing! Or automatic drawing in some schools...

Then I layed down baking paper and used Permafilla with a small spatula to scrape it into the appropriate shapes. I also smeared some accross the flats to help cover the tape job.
I also worked on some rough sections as well as a ford. On the road sections I roughed up the whole stretch, not quite as much as the actual roads in remote parts of the Ukraine.

After that I let them dry for a long time and carefully peeled them off of the baking paper. The I rough sanded them and gave them a coat of paint with a brush on the bottom to help hold them together. If here was a rough join I taped it from the bottom with masking tape.

Then a base coat on the top, quickly followed with some gravel for texture. (My cooking show or what?) It will stick pretty well. If not use more paint. I've picked another of my CHCH crews habit of copying useful colors at the local DIY homestore and getting a nice 200ml pot for $5.00.
It makes making home terrain possible!

Here's my wee 1m river with a ford, and an infantry ford, I'm an equal opportunity wargame designer! Actually I'm hopelessly biased as an Infantryman. My alma mater.

Here's my souped up shed table!

Welcome to my village.;-)

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  1. Very, very nice Adam. I like how you can show WIP shots as well, because you actually do things tidily!

    Will have to wage war over that terrain soon.