Monday, 28 May 2012

FoW- MW Cavalry Recon v Fallschirmjager and Kohlenklau

Last Thurs I met Dave for another throw down in Mid War. 1500 points
He brought a work in progress list of MW Fallschirmjager with the storied Ramcke Parachute Brigade in mind.
All Fearless-Veteran!
Command with 5cm mortars and 2.8cm squeezebore ATR
FJ platoon
FJ platoon
HMG platoon
HMG Platoon
Marder II Platoon
Pak 38 Platoon
7.5cm Light Gun Platoon
8cm Mortar Platoon

I had my MW version of my Cavalry Recon list. Confidently Trained of course.
Command with extra M3 Scout Car
Cav Patrol, (2 M3, 2 peeps)
Cav Patrol
Cav Patrol
Assault Gun Plt. 3x T30
Stuart Platoon(x5)
Combat Engineer Plt (full)
Sherman Platoon(x4)
105 Howitzers

A small village in southern Tunisia surrounded by desert. A small road through the town paralleled by a rail line. Jerry is moving aggressively towards the ville, you need to deny it to the enemy.
Dust Up is selected, I get initiative and move rapidly into the town, trying to get a couple good pot shots on the Marders.

Shermans make a move into the ville
Maybe a quick foray into the village to pop a couple Marders ("Kohlenklau") will work?
I don't get a single hit and am seriously exposed!

Stuart platoon covers the right flank.
We realize that the Stuarts are going to have to do the heavy lifting after we end up with 2 killed and two bailed tanks.
(We're using the dust rules and the desert is hard pan all acting as road terrain. Good for me!)

7.5cm Leichtgeschutz 40 and Marders
Pretty hard nut set up between the two objectives. The RR L40's are covering his Marders ass and his FJ infantry is sweeping through the village.

Sacrificial Stuart platoon to the rescue
Kohlenklau parking lot!
Shoot the Marders damnit! They are in a pissing contest with Stuarts, I'm trying to keep a few hidden from the 75mm monsters! Lots of shooting ensues...

FJ's are early to the yard sale.
Auto killing bailed tanks in assault is a tasty treat for FJ.
I'm starting to wonder if I can hold onto this...

Just a couple Marders to go!
Ends up being a Marder too far! He spins and lights up the remaining two Stuarts. Finally just one remains.

That last one by the building has a named actor as a crewman.
Then it too is destroyed.

After this there was a bunch of stuff I forgot to take pictures of.

We kill a couple 8cm tubes with a TOT from the 105's.
Immediately afterwards the Cavalry arrives and threatens the other objective.

FJ assault attempt on my dug in Combat Engineers, yeah bad idea. Pinned but with two HMG's we get just lucky enough.

CO lighting up a Pak38 platoon and killing the command team and a gun.

Cav patrols showing up on the left to harass his center and right, threatening the objectives and then contesting them.

At ten we wrap it up as a draw with me contesting an objective with reinforcements. BUT I failed a reserves roll so well...


  1. Cool bat rep, small platoons make hard work of doing the assaulting against FV infantry.

    Marder II's with Ramcke? Bad Dave....

  2. Thx. a bit stream of consciousness due to lost edit...?
    It wasn't supposed to be a historical list I don't think.
    Wasn't a bad game aside from me being unable to close it in time and miscalculating on my initial foray into the ville.
    I like my MW force and just want to finish repainting, it's on the list!