Saturday, 26 May 2012

[SAGA] a one trick pony...he does one trick only...

So a pretty epic week for me in the wargaming front. 

Last Friday Jason and I had a quick practice session, his first, of Force on Force. A single squad and an MG versus the same. There was a church that was a food dump and we were both starving, poor supplies -1 die. I narrowly win but it doesn't matter we were still learning the rules really.
There is a definite death spiral that you go through, rotate or relieve those fireteams if you can! They will not be long on this earth otherwise.

Saturday we had the beginning of our Delta Green campaign. I'm pretty stoked! More later.

Tuesday Andy came over and we thrashed out a typically brutal SAGA game on my dining room table. Too cold in the garage these days!
It's pretty dark in my dining room these days... what with the Scots and all...
He showed up with a more focused list than I had seen him use previously. The Scots!
Like me he brought a hero of the ages, Kenneth Mac Alpin. He also brought a warband of hard drinking Scots. 4 Hearthguard and four units of warriors broken into three units.

I had my Kyivan analogue of Harald Hardrada, Rurik of the Kyivan Rus'! As well as him, I had my twelve Hearthguard in two 6 man units, and two units of warriors.

There's the bastard! Kenneth Mac Alpin.
Typically Andy's army was gorgeously painted. He also had a new, to me, battleboard.

"Drink with us..."
One of his first actions was to cripple one of my warrior units with drink. It would now require an extra activation. I used 'With Me" to negate it's effects as I babysat them with Rurik.

That's them, the drunken bastards, in the distance on the hill to the right.
There were fields below us and a little stream that looked cute on the camouflage parachute between the fields. A lone wagon and a couple women were trying to leave but were caught in the battle.

Scots warriors and Kevin himself in the dark, dark lands...
We both advance quickly, relishing the fray to come! I see you death!
My hirdmen advance on my right, straight into a large unit of warriors. We have 17 dice, and after his bonus defence dice and a counterattack by the wily Scots are utterly destroyed without losing a stand!

The first battle!
We both continue advancing as he takes the bridge. My drunk warriors are still being led by the nose and move up on the right while my surviving hirdmen move up the center in support of my left warrior unit.
My Bondi on the left and my Hirdmen on the right staring Valhalla in the face.
Soon we will meet on the bridge! Kevin is still hiding from a fight! Probably looking for his flask.

A battle on a bridge! Look at that wyvern shield!
Kevin Mac Alpin and co-conspirators. Loitering nearby looking cool.
Rurik and his bondi at the other end of the bridge..
So after much hard core battling, and my failure to roll a single six there is still two units of enemy warriors, one of 7 and one of three. Kevin is still walking around of course...

We clash head on over the stream near the refugees and Ruriks expedition to Scotland was over.
Fun game Andy! Well played, that Scots board is a biatch and it was able to shut down my Varangians one trick which is straight up assault smashing into things.

AAR, I need to get a better handle on my own, albeit primitive, battleboard.


  1. Looks like you caught some tough breaks, Adam, but I bet Andy is happier with his Saga force now than he was vs the tinny Joms-Vikings!

    The Scots sure are a sneaky and defensive force, even sneakier and more defensive than my Anglo-Danes - so I think they will suit Andy well.

  2. Scots are very sneaky. I am sure once the Panzers figure out another trick, we will all be in trouble.....

  3. Yeah I'll read the rules and study my battle board or something...;-)
    Fun game regardless!