Sunday, 22 April 2012

Stalker -more like the movie than the videogame...

That says Stalker in Cyrillic btw.

Speaking of getting back on the horse. I've started running rpg's again after a long hiatus.
Too long really. Until lately I've only run a couple episodes of my steampunk setting, (using Kerberos Club, an excellent One Roll Engine powered rpg), in the last two years! I have managed to get a bit of playing in though with Jamie's excellent Earthdawn campaign.

Now that's all going to change. Again using the ORE because it's easy and fast and there aren't any charts really. The actual complete setting is the excellent background for Call of Cthulhu Modern called Delta Green. It's pretty much the X-Files meets the minions of Cthulhu. This campaign will be set in 1996 and I've run two episodes of the prequel so far. This prequel is set in a bizarre parallel universe, or our planet in the future, or an alternate dimension. It was heavily influenced by the Tarkovsky film that I do recommend watching as it is eerily beautiful. But don't expect a lot of action.;-)

Pen, paper and the octagon ftw!
As an aside, all of this Russian reminds me of the coolest personalized plates I've seen in a long time.
I wish I had a picture! BAHKICT in Cyrillic means. Tankist!

All of this Russian you ask, well the prequels are set in Russia and the actual campaign is called, "The Russian Desk is Closed"


  1. {applause}. Good to hear!

    It's going to be my turn in the GM chair shortly. I'm going to be running "Masks of Nyarlathotep" for Jake and his friends, starting the middle of May.

    Remember that campaign? :) Your man, Clive, was the only survivor when I ran it 6-7 years ago.

  2. Thanks, good to hear it Keane. That is a classic campaign! I loved the slow build up to certain doom! I think we made it to the pyramids, then I came to in an sanatarium in Alexandria months later. The sole survivor.80
    Folks, KP here is one of my former victims, including this Stalker scenario.

  3. That reminds me that I have your copy of the movie Stalker...

    As for the campaign... we aren't dead yet!