Friday, 27 April 2012

(FoF) Dispatches from Ambush Valley

Lat night Martin and I had a go at Force on Force. For both of us it is early days and the learning curve is ramping up. In this contest we were using the Vietnam Supplement for FoF, Ambush Valley. Martin had brought his large collection of Peter Pig 15mm minis, a work in progress, but I look forward to seeing more!

Yank infantry advancing across flooded rice paddies, while the armor is confined to the road.

We were on a 4x6 table attacking the long way, so a bit bigger than most FoF set ups, but we had over a platoon each. Another tough one for FoF.
I had Americans (Troop Quality d8/d10 Morale) from a scenario originally written for Aussies I think. 3 ten man squads and a five man command group. For vehicles we had 4 M48 Pattons as well as three M113 APC's with .50's and a Huey Gunship!
Our mission was to search and clear a little village...

Charlie doesn't need R and R

...that was infested with National Liberation Front Guerrillas (d6/d8) and an extensive tunnel network.

DShK 12.7mm HMG as well as a squad of VC

There were also a few heavy weapons around, an HMG as well as a 75mm recoilless rifle.

The NVA, real closers...

The real danger we found was two squads of North Vietnamese Army (d8/d10) with RPG's.

Several of the village buildings housed tunnel entrances.

That led to ambush positions in the jungle. These guerrillas are hidden within the terrain and cannot see or be seen unless you are within half optimum range and make a quality check.

After a couple exchanges of bounding overwatch across the rice paddies an HMG opens up on the infantrymen and we have two men down. The overwatching fireteams return fire while the 'overwatching' M48 is on smoko. (Blew his TQ check to shoot first!)

The real damage occurs when the Huey rolls in and hammers them with the 'flexies'.
(During the game we were calling it a pylon stand which it couldn't do apparently.)

The armor rolls up the road with infantry supporting it's flanks. A firefight ensues on this flank now as the Yanks contact the Viet Cong, hammer them and force them back.

Five casualties!

Covering that shootout, this fireteam move up to cover their comrades left flank and get hammered by AK, RPD and RPG fire from the NVA regulars to their front. Ouch!

Another NVA squad shows up in front of the village and a firefight ensues.
Another casualty for the yanks but the VC have been really paying the butchers bill.

Finally got the Hog shifted and on target. It really does some damage and takes a weapon hit to boot. Forcing it to return to base.

Back on the left flank, M113's and a fireteam move up to finish off the NVA ambushers, but lose a track in the process.

Really fun game Martin. We learned about the vehicle rules and how much better d6 is than d8. Some lucky rolls did some serious damage but my conservative advance kept my casualties low and let me use my firepower.

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