Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Getting back on the horse...

They look naked for now, but that's 35 dice of MG's in MW!

Had a great vacation, saw a lot of very interesting things and places and some of it will even drive me to model and wargame better and more. Since I've been back I've had a  few projects in the works. First off is the above. MW Armored Cavalry M3 armored cars. Now, in Flames of War V3 the cav is even better! Wheeled movement is further and the ability to remove gone to ground is an ability for individual teams when they pass a skill test! Cool stuff! (For me anyway, being a bit of a cav specialist/ addicted to pennants.)

This is in here though, because I successfully stripped a bunch of paint off of a couple of them. I used toilet cleaner and elbow grease. Is there Simple Green here? I have done a ton of custom fitting and plan on fully bristling them up with mg's and jerry cans etc for Tunisia, Sicily, Italy.

Follow me into the breech tovarich!

Also in the works are my Impetus reinforcements [FL with javelin], diguised as a SAGA Warband. My Gripping Beast Slavs are pretty close...

Our armor makes us look like vikings but...

...as are my Warriors [FP with spears]...

These Crusader minis are awesome. Kyivan Rus!

 ...but my coolest will be the Varangians [FP!]. Ahem, Kyivan Rus.

No longer as blank as this

They are all reliant on my next phase of shield manufacture and artistry. I've been finding some cool ideas though and actually got a good start tonight.

Here are some of the idea's that I've dug up and like. I'm a sucker for the ouroboros of course.
I have starts on most of these.

Lastly are my SAGA objective, fatigue markers, and my wizard. These are great looking minis from Crusader and easily fit into most warbands.
Yes, my fracking wizard;-)


  1. There is simple green in NZ, i have seen it at supermarkets.

    Good luck with those shields! They will really be the making of the models. Nice bright colours? Would be a good contrast to their earthy tones at the moment.


  2. Yes indeed, I am doing a lot of yellow and red, or blue and white, or red and blue on white or black on red as well as some gold fittings for the Rus.
    I appreciate the point though mate!