Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Chorniy Morskiy Flot!

The Black Sea Fleet will be remembered by me. For several good reasons in history, not least of which is my visit to it's harbour. (Potentially also another 28mm skirmish unit for FoF!)

 This is a monument to the defenders of Sevastopol. Despite sinking their ships to block the channel, extensively fortifying the hills and arming them with guns taken from those ships, as well as turning every sailor into a gunner or infantryman *and* holding out for nearly a year. Though, in the end, they couldn't hold any longer than 340 days! Ask Von Manstein...

 Excellent Social Realist logo of the Naval Infantry! Ppsh41 and Maxim belt for the win!

These are two guys I want in my unit. The cover of the book, "Proud Heroes!", has the classic Maxim belt and RGD-33 hand grenades. While this hard charger with the 'papasha' is probably wearing a cute stripey shirt under his camouflage scout suit. (From Great Patriotic War museum, Kyiv)

 The price you pay. Over 400 Iron Crosses 2nd Class (or better) make up this Iron Cross. Not collected from yard sales... (From Great Patriotic War museum, Kyiv)

This mill wheel is from the memorial for the "Holodomor", what we know as the Ukrainian Famine. (Kyiv)

 Ruth modelling the size of the Golden Gate, the anchient southern entrance to Kyiv. Built around 1037 it represents the apex of the Kyivan Rus'. My SAGA army will hang out here between campaigns;-)

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  1. Of course you need Naval Infantry!

    Cool shots dude, I am very jealous, looks fun over there!