Saturday, 12 May 2012

SAGA: The lament of the Rus'

We finally have enough warbands for this to happen! Four on one table, all fighting with shifting alliances, (sort of)!
Jamie had the idea to run this scenario from Northern Fury and it was super fun.

I'm using my Kyivan Rus warband, which uses the Vikings and Harald Hardrada special rules for Varangians. [Colloquially, the 'Hardrada Panzer Division', did I mention I run yanks in FoW and habitually covet most German tanks...]

 On my left was Pooch and his Irish lads and lasses. [Uses Welsh rules.] I had heard they were shopping for shoes, but clearly they had no idea what shoes, in fact, were.
 [We chatted about about our respective FoW EW armies of violent men in trucks.]

Kitty corner from me was Jamie's Anglo Danes. I was quite happy being far away as I'd encountered their wily and fatiguing ways before. Also they had revolting little archers hiding in the wood.

To my front was Chris using Jamie's Jomsvikings. Now these were something I had no idea about, but Jamie had talked them up quite a bit and frankly I was very worried.
When Chris asked me for three men or he would get a wrath point I was very worried. Uh, no, I can't afford to give up any men. [I've got a very expensive warband you see...]

The fact that the bases aren't finished doesn't bring down the unit cost. I'm talking to our contractor about that now. That is a unit of warriors, then 6 of my hearthguard, then Rurik himself, (or his brothers, depending on who you believe.)

Right out of the gate I can tell that shoe sales are going to be down this month when the wee Irish lads and their giant wolfhounds, smash a unit of warriors. However in order to dislodge them entirely Pooch loses three hearthguard as well. So much for pretty tartans!
They did however steal my house! I shift over to try to protect my flank from my unruly customers.

Then, the bloody Joms have a go at me!
They severely knocked about my second warrior unit, probably driving up my personnel costs 100%!
In retribution Rurik brought along half of his hearthguard and took the increased expenses out of the Joms' ass.
17 dice of love as I recall. [Do not expose your warlord like this. Sorry Chris.8P]

Then the Irish have a go at me again!
[Meanwhile btw I keep getting red, so Joms and Irish are against me, and Jamie and me are a side. Jamie's Anglos are line dancing! With the riverdance cast!]

Rurik had been trying to get a cup of chai or vodka, who really knows? When Cu, the Irish 'union representative' was seen lurking nearby.
Rurik had to have a go. First warriors went out to cover Ruriks right flank then the hearthguard went with Rurik at Cu Eion.
I think at this point we were in an all on all fight. [Can I get a fact check?]
Chalk up Rurik's second warlord kill. [Woot!]

Then time was running out. In an effort to prove just how unbalanced my list is, I did an end run straight at the Anglo Dane commander, leaving my hearthguard behind. [Fatigue 3!]
"Eta Ukraina!"
Then Rurik, after hacking apart two warriors was cut down himself. Damn Ikea!

SAGA is hella fun, go hard!
[Next time let's use a 4 x 4 table, and we'll* know the rules better as well.]

Pooch has a better write up with better pictures from a proper camera here.
Jamie got his report up as well here.
* I will hopefully...


  1. Wonderful stuff! Great looking troops on the table too.

  2. I kinda felt for you over in the other corner getting swamped by Chris & Chris. Not enough to bestir myself to actual action. But the flicker of sympathy was there. :P

    Good report and yours is a cool army. I think the smaller table will suit you better.

  3. Yeah, moving around is quite slow in this game. I think the 4x4 or smaller table mentioned in the rules is a good idea.;-)
    I'll run different lists as well and my only lament was not killing all three warlords for an on the road bonus point.