Sunday, 11 March 2012

A Water Buffalo!

CompanyB LVT-2 in 28mm resin
Just a quick work in progress, keeping up with the Jones' post. Pooch's Aussies look great, and they seem to be outnumbering the Marine contingent. As are the Japanese, according to coconut telegraph! 40 plus!

So far the count for the Old Breed is:
Able Company, 1st Platoon
1 Officer
1 Corpsman
1 stretcher bearer
1 casualty
 Line squads
 3 x 4 man teams with 1 grenade launcher and 2 BAR's total
[or two 6 man or something else, TO&E's varied]

Weapons Platoon
1 x 3 man M1919A4 LMG team
1 x 3 man M2 60mm Mortar team

1 x 2 man Scout-Sniper team
1 M2 Flamethrower
1 LVT-2 with two man crew

Still, less than 30 hard chargers. Probably out of supply and surrounded as well.;-)

Incidentally a lot of different units got used to being supplied by Buffaloes.


  1. Everyone is out of supply- unless they capture the buffalo!

    I am looking forward to seeing it finished, will make for an awesome scenario piece. Can't be long until some Japanese armour appears on the horizon either....

    Whats got priority in the queue, Varangians or USMC?

  2. Roger, protect our Buff!
    Not actually that armoured..just sayin'.

    I've been working on Varangians and Slavs.
    Also something called 'The Zone'.

  3. Protect the buff, the auzzies are keen for any sort of chow that isn't captured Jap rice!

    Varangians are going to look very cool on table, I like how you are linking all your forces, makes for a cool narrative.

    As for the zone, Rachel is already planning on how to keep herself alive- I fear that it might be at the expense of the rest of us!

  4. Clearly she is the only one who realizes what is going on.80

  5. Damn you all and your tempting 28mm models! I've ordered a "Hungarian" (EW German, uniform and kit are close enough) squad from Comics. If I can source a 1/64 scale Nimrod you are all in big trouble!