Thursday, 15 March 2012

[Force on Force] Someone's gonna get hurt!

Sorry no game photos...
Pooch and I had our first games of Force on Force tonight. Super fun! I think we fit in four small games in two hours
A few quick observations.
Very fast moving game, even during our first couple turns. We got into the rhythm pretty quickly.
(There were only 14 guys on the board total.)
Pooch's Gebirgsjagers looked awesome! Edelweiss sleeve badges? Check.
Once you lose initiative it is hard to regain.Troop Quality dice differential is a biatch!
Getting in a shootout with better TQ units is very tough to defend against. IE; Beat a 10 with your d8...
Optimum range is a dangerous place to play.
Reaction to move and fire is awesome. No free moves, no stormtrooper.;-)
Bigger fireteams are tougher. A reason for three man crew served MG's like IRL!
Drawing fire does work!
Lots of casualties. Our games were assaults however.
Assaults are lethal quickly.

I love our new skirmish rulesets at Cavs! SAGA and FoF are very fun.
Long Live the New Flesh!


  1. Glad you liked the Germans- now I just need more field caps to paint the rest of them!

    If we are using the same training rating, then equal numbers needs to be maintained I think. Very fun however!

  2. Cheers Pooch.

    His more complete write up is here.