Thursday, 1 March 2012

Day of Days recap, or, "The Pyros in Timaru"

After deciding that I would finally make an out of town tournament I got the required days off.
So far so good.
Then my truck filled up with mates! So backing out is not an option. Heading to Day of Days!
Keith had an idea for a list, combining my 'patented simpleton' cavalry with the efficiency of the armored rifle platoons.
I took to calling them 'arps' (technically from the aero rifle platoons of the cavalry squadrons in the Vietnam war.) and had high hopes for our combined lists.
It is a good list and I would take it and team with Keith again.

Keith and I quickly identified the parking lot issues we were facing and tried to prioritize the platoons we needed first. Here is my Cav pre deployment versus the home team. It took us several minutes to put down our collection of half tracks, armored cars and tanks.

From the right flank, also pre deployment. The Arps!

A platoon of Craig's Pz IV's hiding behind his 233's pre deployment.

The center, pre-artillery, they were always a problem though.

The target, right before we smashed them!

Stugs hiding in the woods, and Paks in the open dug in. We smoke them and double right up the middle!

Our HMG platoon gets hit hard by the short 75's of the 233's , but doesn't quite die! 28+ stands of armored infantry are still coming!

Here we see the Sacrificial Stuart Platoon hosing down halftracks, the defenders cagily had multiple platoons of the damn things!

Then the Stugs came down the hill to contest the objective. The ARPs waste them in assault, a single damn infantry team from Ian's Company can make it to contest. Otherwise it was job done. (8P)

So, to the right flank. I actually have a whole platoon of Shermans as our 'diversion' attack. Backing up our Recon patrol and actually making sure we didn't get rolled up from the right.

Suddenly, all of the shorty 2cm armed half tracks in the Wehrmacht appear. Then they charge!
We hang on to our win, I kill the tanks on the right, then the Grilles show up! They kill one Sherman.
We win, they bag a couple platoons, barely. Their tenacious D paid off.
Fun game, the best of the weekend! Huzzah Ian and Craig!

Then we fought Chris, who had support from a youngster who had attached to him.
On a tough map we somehow ended up with hedges blocking line of sight. We didn't realize that everyone else had run them as concealing. We drew! Lame

Now we face down Wellington. Dave and Tony have a horrific army! Tigers and Fallshirmjagers and a Panzer III Company!

Luckily we are defending in the Cassino map. Also we have smoke templates, four of them.

There are ninjas here. Somewhere in this tank parking lot are several Sherman crews who took a vow not to shoot anyone today. (Yeah, I know)

Lot's of shooting, hiding, assaulting etc.

Suddenly Stuarts and Scotts are everywhere shooting PZ III's in the ass!

The Tiger problem remains, but we pull a win anyway.
Then we play the tourney winners and give them defense(?), yes we did.
After several poor choices and even worse rolling from my recently departed dice it was impossible to win.
Should have learned gamism by now.

Condottiere was a good warm up!
Fun tourney!

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