Sunday, 18 March 2012

Varangians of the Kyivan Rus' [is redundant]

We might go with Varangians of Novgorod, or Rurik and the Kyivan Rus'
Anyway a SAGA work in progress. On the Panzers!
So Rurik.. needs some work.

Up to twelve hearthguard we'll call skoldar maybe. For shield. [Crusader Varangians]

Up to 16 warriors of Swedish descent, living in the Kyivan Rus', the spjutet of Rurik. His spear. [Gripping Beast, plastics]

I plan on bringing along a dozen Slavic levees when I want to be 'realistic'. Rurik's better vassals provide some ranged combat ability with their spears and javelins. [Gripping Beast]
As you can see I'm in a bit of a quandary on the painting front, so I'm doing field research.


  1. Hi Adam, they are looking very cool.

    The next SAGA supplement is out very soon and I am torn between that and WW2.

    I reckon you'd love some of those JomsViking figs, very Baltic.

    You still have evil captcha enabled, btw.

  2. If you mean the typing and reading test. I've just disabled it.