Tuesday, 28 February 2012

"Semper Fi Mac!" The Whaling Group [FoF]

Here's the first squad for the Whaling Group. Unfamiliar?
An 'extra' Colonel called Colonel Whaling realized that the Marines needed better patrolling skills. Being a keen hunter and outdoorsman, he found like Marines, brought them together and trained them. The Japanese Army had upped the ante so much with it's camoflauge, stealth and patrolling that even the Marines with their recent experience in Nicaragua and Haiti needed to get much better and fast.
"Marine scout and sniper personnel (called the Whaling Group after its commander Colonel William J. Whaling). "

First up the BAR gunner.

Then a lead scout.

Corporal and second fireteam leader.

Second scout.

Blouses are optional in Bolt Action miniatures land.;-) But not in my Corps!

Boot Marine.

Move Private!

Lance Coolie showing the boot how to do it.

 Showing off the cammie blouse.

Squad grenadier with a special delivery.

 Belt kit all in order.

Sergeant with a Thompson, needs a bloody shave. The old breed indeed!

He's scrounged a cammie blouse from somewhere as well!
Pretty stoked on this campaign.
Poochie's Aussies will appear here soon!
Jason's Imperial Japanese Army


  1. 28mil, eh? A lot of nice poses with your marines.

    Also, thumbs-up on your basing. Nice tree limbs, rocks, and static grass placement.

  2. nice job there, It was great to meet you in the weekend, hope you had fun.

  3. Thanks Keane, hows the gaming going in Sea-town?
    I'm getting ready to run some Delta Green.;-)

    Cheers Kent! Good to meet you too mate. Had fun too.
    Thanks for the books! They're cool. I may need those casualties after all...

  4. All good in the Northern hemisphere. Kicked off a 1920s CoC campaign in January; I'm running "The Day of the Beast". Just a few sessions in but the players are already freaked out. :)