Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Rumours of War(s)

Work in progress number one(ish), some awesome sculpts by Warlord Games' in their Bolt Action range. These are from the USMC box set.

Work in progress number two(plus) are these guys. Up front are some Crusaders miniatures Varangians backed up by Gripping Beasts' Slavs. These are going to back up my Bulgar Cav as well as be my SAGA Warband. Double Duty! I'm getting some cool sabot bases from a Cavs member.


  1. That's going to be a very cool army - you know I like the Slav figs and those Varangians are even cooler.

    How are you doing the Sabot bases? Magnetic with 20mm squares?

  2. No I had already got laser cut 20mm mdf ones from a Cavs member.
    The magnetic ones you told me about from Comics look like a great way to go.
    These will look good as well and I'll be able to decorate the sabot. I'm getting them 5 up on 8x6cm for my F-L's

  3. Varangians are going to be awesome dude, have you talked to Jamie about some rules for them? Glad to see Crusader Miniatures looking good, I have made a wee investment in some Crusader things for myself.

    Those USMC are looking very, very cool. I recommend scoring the base before you add anything to them, the bases are pretty slick and don't much like basing material...

  4. Yeah those bases are slippery. I scored my adhesion areas, but not my basing areas yet.