Sunday, 19 February 2012

The revenge of Byzantium!

 The second meeting of the Bulgar and Byzantine armies went down at Cavs. Jamie had done a small tweak to his forces and had brought a ballista this time, as well as some Sarmatians. I had the same force but I kept mistaking my light cavalry for something that could charge effectively. Ahem. These guys paid the ultimate price for my myopia.

These are my skirmishers on the right, holding down the sarmatians and the ballista and threatening the baggage train until they were killed by his archers. His archers were very effective and killed nearly four stands on their own! That is one stand I believe.

Here is his left flank and the aforementioned baggage train, ballista and sarmatians as well as his slingers. The slingers put some holes in my skirmishers as well.

These are my Pecheneg lights, they did a good job of running around his right flank and trying to keep him spread out. They did a pretty good job of shooting as well.

Here is the center, where the battle was lost. We faced down over a small hillock that was covered in bodies by the end of the day. Also dead pretty horses...
Both sides charged up and down it inflicting casualties on the other, being forced to disengage and doing it again!

Here is clan Dulo in group for the only time during the battle. Immediately disordered by a double move the left squadron (?) ran around on it's own and attacked out of sync.
Great game Jamie!


  1. Cheers Adam, was a great battle and thanks once again for feeding all your CL to my Archers, very kind.

    How are you finding Impetus?

  2. No worries mate, glad to help.8P
    I like it a lot actually, slowly wrapping my head around some of the rules. I'm pretty sure I was just trying to push the envelope with my C-L's. A breakthrough there would have been epic!
    I've started on my F-L's so look out, javelins!

  3. I've now got my copy back so will be a bit more useful in terms of getting the evasions etc right this time. The CL thing could have worked and would have been disastrous for me if you had got through. I might have caught one with my Praetorians but if any got behind my line....

    Looking forward to seeing those new foot in action.

  4. Sorry about the crap first two pictures.:-(