Sunday, 29 January 2012

Impetvs, finally!

Jamie came over tonight for my first game of Impetvs with my newly playable Bulgar Cavalry army.
Great fun indeed as well as very enlightening. Previously I had had great luck with archers, using Jamie's Romans. This time my C-L's and Skirmishers were having a hard go.
I cannot complain though, as I had a skirmisher kill a heavy cavalry unit with a flank charge after his comrade skirmisher had been killed.
The best news was my very expensive(!) C-M's performed exactly as I had hoped and indeed were able to break his line and kill his General which was the beginning of the end. (THIS time sez Jamie, not next time.)

That is Khan Asparakh on the pretty horse.

More importantly though we had a good chat about all kinds of cool stuff including SAGA.
My plan is to use some of my Slavic F-L with Javelins to double as Warriors for my Varangians in SAGA. Household finance will be be ecstatic! (Maybe I'm exaggerating, a little.)

In any case fun game Jamie, always good to hang out!


  1. Cheers for the game, Adam. It was really good to get to play against something different, and was a lot of fun - even if you did neatly smash three bases of elite cavalry into just the right point in my line to crumple it up like a paper cup.

    I wouldn't complain about the CL shooting - we both know it was a ruse to lull me into a false sense of security ;)

  2. I wish I had a plan at that point, or could control dice.
    I meant to say that you actually got pictures of the battle as I only got the one!

  3. Abbreviation guide requested! CL.. cavalry light? CM... cavalry medium? I can't guess on an F-L. :)

    P.S. Your Google+ pic of the horsies looks great. Did you use epoxy putty on the bases for that muddy terrain look? It'd be cool if you integrated a little static grass, or grass flocking, to give the appearance of the cavalry just tearing up the battlefield from all the hoof traffic.

  4. F-L is light infantry.
    Thanks, yes that's liquid nails. Another great tip from Jason or Jamie, or someone local anyway.
    Well I've actually got a plan but I do like your vision.
    Rocks and static grass and autumn shrubbery.
    And now muddy hoof prints!

  5. Liquid Nails? That looks like Jason's particular madness - I suggest the cheaper, less noxious, and easier to work 'no more gaps' (or better yet, Bostik fill a gap).

    Good for terrain too - tough and flexible and not prone to melt things.

    I think the army is coming along well.

  6. Glad to see more player playing Impetus Adam- my favourite ruleset these days, always make for a fun and dynamic game. Would love to give your Bulgars a game at some stage. How many points were you playiing?


  7. With Impetus the abbreviations are based on the Italain. i like to thing of them as follows

    FL- foot, light
    FP- foot, protected (i.e heavy infantry-protected by armour)
    T- missiles troops (strange and have nothing to compare this with- it just is)
    CM- cavalry, med
    CL- cavalry, light
    CP- Cav, protected (heay cav)

    It isn't difficult once you have played a game or two.

  8. Yeah I use the bog as well. Permafilla I believe is the brand. (I'll look into the bostick.) But I wanted these horses to be attached well for wargaming purposes.;-)
    Thanks Craig, would love to some time when you're in town or I head down. (That was 250pts.)
    See you at Day of Days!

  9. I finally put those pics into a batrep, Adam:

  10. Cool thanks for that.
    Everybody should check out Jamie's great,(as usual) write up on his blog.
    He does however intimate that six months is a long time to take to paint an army.;-)