Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Happy New Year and AAR vs Double Nazi's!

Wow, I've had a very busy new year so far. Reveling in our awesome and shaky Mainland summer, showing visitors around, tramping, shooting and of course wargamng!

Everyone here at Cavs, amonsgt the historicals anyway, has been buzzing about Infantry Aces. My mate Simon along with Tim from Comics have put together a campaign, for the very well suited for beginner FoW players appendix to Cassino.

I played a couple practice games including one against Lionel as well as Simon i think before the Xmas hubbub. But in January, Andy wanted to throw down LW 1750pts stylee. Every time I play Andy I learn a lot so I had to go.;-)

He was trying out a new idea for him, two companies. That's right double Nazi's!
SS Panzergrenadiers from SS Wiking Division - Fearless Trained
Gepanzerte MF'rs!
Infantry from the Panzercorps Feldherrnhalle - Confident Veteran (Formed around the remnants of the SA!)
withPak 40's, 8 rads, Nebs, Hummels etc.

I had a usual combined arms task force around my 100th Bn 442nd Regimental Combat Team of Nisei "Go for Broke!"
with two platoons, one full
Stuarts, 105's, Priority P47's and an Armored Recon patrol that never showed up!
We were playing Breakthrough and I was defending.

All terrain was bogging, rough was a skill check, we had a series of broken shell holes and rubble that was all bulletproof cover etc.
Italian warfare at it's finest and worst. My two Nisei Platoons dug into the center, with it's aforementioned shell holes and bulletproof rubble, with grim determination.
My Light tanks went into immediate ambush, everything else was delayed reserves.

Looks grim doesn't it? Well I actually felt pretty good, my Nisei as usual had something to prove.
"No ka oi!" Number one!

Andy's double Nazi's deploy expertly of course.

Heavy armored cars to my rear.

Along with their Hummels.

 C-V Infantry with Paks to my left.

As well as some Nebs, (that my Thunderbolts never really hit properly).

I pop my immediate of Stuarts and go Hummel hunting! We get one and pin one.
This begins my cat and mouse with his well played 8 rads. I hate being cav'd!

Balls! Remember all terrain is bog. His attack begins proper while I eff around with his 8 rads.

Somehow we all survived for minute longer! Ridiculous dice! LOL.

The Nebs continue pounding us!
Then the assaults start, multiple platoons in series.

Our counterattack begins with our reinforcements late arrival! Vengeance!

My Nisei take their toll, taking on platoon after platoon while the Nazi's fail motivation. Then comes the next one. Finally we are down to one team. Pass Company and Platoon Morale.
But it's too little too late. They have another assault coming.
Great fun Andy!

In retrospect, it definitely helped that his 8 rads were so persistent and well placed. In typical cavalry style they distracted my only early support.


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