Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Khan Asparukh and the Clan Dulo

Finally everything has pretty much come together. As noted last week I have even fought a battle with them and earned the title 'Evil General'.
I'm absolutely chuffed.
First the Khan Asparukh and his Dulo Nobles. So as mentioned they are tough for C-M, VBU 6 and 2 Impetus.

 A picture that shows their clan shields better.;-)

Next we have the various hordes of Asparukh's followers. These being his shooty C-L's

 That's a representation of Tengri the sky god on the shield to the left.

His skirmishers are also mounted and even have a kill to their credit, of C-M's!

Next up are their allies of the moment, some Pecheneg C-L's, these guys fought hard and got pretty shot up in the process. Bet they had a ball in that Byzantine baggage train.

I'm pretty stoked on these Old Glory Sculpts and had a good time researching them as well. Now is time to fight them!


  1. They've come up really good, Adam.

    Have to get a rematch in some time and I'll have to show your CM some more respect!

  2. Looking very, very cool Adam.

    Even better in person!

  3. Let's see some of those blue & yellow shields represented in photos... Слава Україні [Glory to Ukraine]!

  4. Thanks guys!
    We certainly shall have a rematch Jamie.
    I'll get up the shields soon too!