Friday, 9 September 2011

Your Panzerfaust has returned to normal service.

This is another hopeful flyer from December '44.
'The panzerfaust is your antitank gun!' another improvement in an excellent idea that won't save the Third Reich. Or for that matter, Germany, which would be divided for the next 45 years.
This fact actually goes right into my early wargaming career.

To segue massively, well, I've been travelling. (Where have you been Adam?)
Awesome, as usual, Earthdawn game Thurs w Jamie et al!
Yes, I plan on being at Conquest, with flamethrowers(!) you effing min-maxers, look it's only 'cool' when I do it.
Asked... 'If you were infantry, why would you play cav?' Well, I mentioned in earlier posts my affinity for Celine as well as the fact that, I WAS IN the Marine Corps infantry. Any good questions?;-)
More tomorrow...

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